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3 Simple Steps for InFocus Projectors Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Following the receipt of the RMA number, you are completely qualified to claim the warranty with InFocus. The request must be produced at the technical support team or by calling the hotline number.

  • The products delivered to you non-functional are permitted to be exchanged for new products within thirty days of the purchase date and payment for freight will be taken care of by InFocus.

Step 2:

  • When you are going to contact the technical support team, the serial number, name, phone number, email address, part number of the product, details of the residence, and file attachments are supposed to be provided in the form.

  • Contacting the team members by phone is the quickest method compared to filling out the form, which will prompt them to respond within one or two business days.

Step 3:

  • This warranty provides you with certain legal entitlements, and you may possess additional rights that differ depending on your location.

  • You must fill out the form for service requests. Furthermore, on the InFocus support page, you can easily find the product search feature for purposes other than service.

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For further info, Kindly Get in touch with them via this email.

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Mon-Fri: 6am - 5pm(PST)

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13190 SW 68th Pkwy Ste 200,
Portland, Oregon-97223,

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What is covered under the InFocus Projectors Warranty?

InFocus ensures that its products are devoid of defects in material and workmanship throughout the warranty duration. Should a product demonstrate defects in material or workmanship during this period, InFocus will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the product with a comparable alternative. The replacement products or parts may incorporate remanufactured or refurbished components. Moreover, the replacement unit will be covered for the remaining duration of the original limited warranty. This warranty holds validity solely for the initial consumer purchaser and is not transferable.

  • 1-year warranty on OPS and Slotable PC's

  • 2-year warranty on Lamps and LED Projectors

  • 3-year warranty on Interactive Touch Displays

What is NOT covered under the InFocus Projectors Warranty?

The warranty provided does not extend to any product wherein the serial number has been altered, obscured, or erased. Moreover, damages, deterioration, or malfunctions resulting from a wide array of scenarios are excluded, including accidents, misuse, neglect, fire, water, lightning, unauthorized product modifications, failure to adhere to supplied instructions, repairs undertaken by unauthorized individuals, and damage or loss of programs, data, or removable storage media. Additionally, damages arising during repair or replacement, shipping-related damages, external causes such as electric power fluctuations, usage of supplies or parts not meeting specifications, normal wear, and tear, failure to perform periodic maintenance as outlined in the User Guide, and causes unrelated to product defects are not covered. Specific exclusions also include damage resulting from static images displayed for prolonged periods, third-party software, unauthorized hardware or accessories, and damage or misuse of surface coatings due to improper cleaning methods as specified in the product's User Guide. InFocus provides no warranty for any third-party software whether included with the product or installed by the customer, or installation of any unauthorized or third-party hardware parts or components.

About InFocus Projectors

In 1986, a group of engineers situated in Portland's Silicon Forest envisioned a more effective method for information sharing. This vision led to the establishment of InFocus, where innovative approaches to presenting information and facilitating collaboration were developed, surpassing traditional overhead projection techniques. Leveraging digital technology and light, InFocus pioneered advancements in display capabilities, marking the invention of the digital projector. Subsequently, a series of pioneering achievements ensued, including the introduction of the first DLP projector, the first sub-five-pound projector, and the first ultra-thin projection television. Additionally, InFocus introduced groundbreaking products such as the first all-in-one interactive whiteboard featuring touch technology and video conferencing solutions.

Products of InFocus Projectors

Screenplay Lightpro Quantum LED Quantum Laser HW-Camera-5

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