3 Simple Steps for Hyper Tough Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Since there isn't a product registration process for Hyper Tough, you'll need to visit Walmart's website to initiate a warranty claim. This website serves as the hub not only for warranty-related matters but also for tracking or canceling orders, reorders, refunds, pickup, and delivery requests.

  • A dedicated FAQ page has been established to effectively address the questions and concerns of the esteemed customers.

  • During the warranty process, the manufacturer or seller may intend to provide you with one of the following solutions under warranty coverage: either warranty replacement or warranty service during the warranty period.

Step 2:

  • Walmart offers return options for almost all items in their inventory. By checking your purchase history on the website, you can find the most recent eligible date for returns or replacements.

  • Nonetheless, it's advisable to retain both the original manufacturer's packaging and your receipt for a minimum of 90 days following your purchase.

  • Products acquired from dealers or resellers, rather than directly from Walmart's website do not qualify for return, refund, or exchange as per their rules and regulations.

Step 3:

  • Take a look at their official website to discover their latest products, promotions, offers, and more.

  • Sharing this information will aid them in providing you with the products and services you desire, ultimately enhancing your shopping experience to its fullest potential.

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What is covered under the Hyper Tough Warranty?

The majority of their products are accompanied by a manufacturer's warranty that typically spans from 90 days to one year, starting from the date of purchase. If you encounter any issues within this warranty period that fall under its coverage, they will direct you to the manufacturer for assistance. Contact manufacturers for further assistance. Hyper Tough offers a two-year warranty against any defects in materials and assembly for this product.

  • 2-year limited warranty on the Hyper Tough 12-volt max drill driver

What is NOT covered under the Hyper Tough Warranty?

The warranty does not encompass incidents related to regular wear and tear, any product that has been falsely described or substantially misrepresented, intentional harm, loss, theft, or items that are untraceable. It also excludes damages arising from improper maintenance, negligence, disregard, deliberate misuse, or abuse of the product. Additionally, any repairs, replacements, or handling of the product that deviates from the manufacturer's prescribed or authorized procedures, along with any failure to adhere to the manufacturer's warranty, are not included within the scope of this warranty.

About Hyper Tough

Hyper Tough offers an extensive selection of outdoor tools meticulously crafted to help you accomplish a variety of tasks without burdening your finances. DAYE, with a sense of pride, serves as the manufacturer responsible for this exceptional collection of high-quality, budget-friendly products. These items are exclusively available at Walmart, ensuring you have access to reliable and affordable solutions for your outdoor needs.

Products of Hyper Tough

Cordless String Trimmer Corded Hammer Drill Cordless Rachet Hedge Trimmer Cordless Rotary Tool

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