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Seeking guidance on how to initiate a Goodyear Tires warranty claim? Look no further!

3 Simple Steps for Goodyear Tires Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Registration is the beginning stage of the warranty claiming process for the tires. Having registered your tires will allow them to get in touch with you in the event of a product safety-related recall.

  • The registration form includes both your personal information and store details. Additionally, you are required to provide tire-specific details, such as the purchase date, the quantity of tires purchased, and the DOT number.

  • In case you can't locate the DOT number, you don't need to worry because the number is on the sidewalls of the tires, starting with DOT followed by a combination of numbers and letters, up to 13 characters.

Step 2:

  • If your recently purchased tires have not yet been mounted onto your vehicle, you can conveniently cancel your order with just a quick phone call to the customer service team.

  • Tires cannot be accepted for returns if they have been installed, used, mounted, repaired, or driven on. A few competitive warranties are provided for customers' convenience.

Step 3:

  • Don't hesitate to reach out to a Goodyear Tire Advisor for a tire warranty or other claims. They take great pride in their products, services, and the valuable relationships they build with customers like yourself.

  • You will get a response from them within 48 hours after you submit your information, which is less than the information provided in the registration form. Take a look at their FAQs page to get your questions answered.

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What is covered under the Goodyear Tires Warranty?

The limited warranty is applicable only if you are the owner or an authorized agent of the owner of new Goodyear highway auto, light truck, or special trailer tires. Your tires must bear Department of Transportation prescribed tire identification numbers and have been used exclusively on the vehicle on which they were originally installed, following the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer or Goodyear. Additionally, your tires should have been purchased on or after April 1, 2019. If any new Goodyear highway radial auto, radial light truck tire, or Special Trailer (ST) tire, covered by this policy, is removed from service due to a covered warranty condition during the first 2/32" of usable tread or within twelve months from the date of purchase (whichever comes first), it will be replaced with a comparable new Goodyear tire at no charge, which includes mounting and balancing. Please note that without proof of purchase, the date of manufacture will be used to determine eligibility for this limited warranty. It's important to emphasize that this limited warranty is applicable solely in the United States and Canada.

  • 45-day guarantee on Kelly and Dunlop tires

  • 60-day guarantee on Goodyear tires

What is NOT covered under the Goodyear Tires Warranty?

The limited warranty provided by Goodyear does not cover certain situations or conditions. These include tires submitted for ride disturbance complaints that are worn beyond the first two thirty-seconds of an inch (2/32") tread depth or those submitted due to ride disturbance caused by damaged wheels or any vehicle-related issues. Goodyear also does not warrant or offer credit for any adjustment involving materials added to a tire after it leaves the factory, such as tire fillers, sealants, or balancing substances. Additionally, no adjustments will be made for tires with irregular wear or damage resulting from vehicle mechanical issues, improper inflation, overloading, high-speed spin-up, misapplication, misuse, negligence, racing, tire chain use, improper mounting or demounting, improper repairs, wrecks, collisions, or fires. Road hazards are not covered, nor are tires intentionally altered for appearance. Temporary spare tires used in racing or on passenger cars for special applications like police pursuit service are excluded. The warranty also does not apply to Goodyear Unisteel Commercial Radial Light Truck Tires, tires removed from service due to improper repairs, cosmetic weather checking, or issues related to low tire pressure-monitoring systems, which should be referred to the vehicle manufacturer's warranty. Furthermore, ultra-high-performance summer tires used in winter conditions, with resulting tread or shoulder cracking, are not covered under this warranty. The warranty rejects tires with weather-cracking if they were purchased more than four (4) years before being presented for adjustment or, in cases where the purchase date cannot be verified, if they were manufactured more than four years before being presented for adjustment.

About Goodyear Tires

Goodyear Tires is a renowned American multinational tire manufacturer that was established in 1898 by Frank Seiberling. The company is headquartered in Akron, Ohio, and specializes in the production of tires for a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, aviation, commercial trucks, military and police vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, race cars, and heavy off-road machinery. Notably, Goodyear is the exclusive tire supplier for the NASCAR series and holds the distinction of being the most accomplished tire provider in Formula One history, with the highest number of starts, victories, and constructors' championships among all tire suppliers.

Products of Goodyear Tires

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