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3 Simple Steps for Humanscale Furniture Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • If a product or its component is found to be defective in material or workmanship within the warranty period, and Humanscale is notified in writing about the defect during this time frame, Humanscale will collaborate with the customer to ascertain whether the defect falls within the warranty coverage.

  • To acquire a Return Authorization from Humanscale, customers are required to reach out to the Humanscale Customer Service Department. It's important to note that any repair or replacement performed does not prolong or extend the duration of the warranty period.

Step 2:

  • A restocking fee of five percent (5%) applies to all returned orders and refused orders that are undamaged. Returns for seating and special orders will not be accommodated.

  • Customers are required to initiate a Return Authorization request through the Humanscale Customer Service Department within 45 days of receiving the product in order to return it

Step 3:

  • Return Authorizations are valid for sixty (60) days from the date of issuance. In the event that the returned product is not in a condition suitable for resale, the customer will not be credited for the return.

  • Additionally, customers must promptly provide a purchase order or other documentation indicating acceptance of fees or credit reduction as necessary.

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What is covered under the Humanscale Furniture Warranty?

The warranties apply exclusively to the original end-user customer and cannot be transferred. To ensure validity, Humanscale products must be purchased directly from Humanscale or an authorized dealership, distributor, retailer, or reseller. If products are obtained through an authorized channel, the end-user customer must register with Humanscale to activate the warranty. Humanscale guarantees that, upon the customer's receipt, the product will be in optimal working condition and free from defects in materials and workmanship for the specified warranty period.

  • 1-year limited warranty on switch mouse

  • 5-year limited warranty on separation panels

  • 10-year limited warranty on Element series lights, and Horizon series lights

What is NOT covered under the Humanscale Furniture Warranty?

These warranties exclude coverage for normal wear and tear, as well as damage resulting from accidents, negligence, product misuse, abuse, or failure to adhere to installation instructions or intended use guidelines. Humanscale shall not be liable for damages incurred from unauthorized service, maintenance, modifications, or tampering by individuals not authorized by Humanscale. Furthermore, Humanscale disclaims responsibility for injuries or damages arising from product installation or use not in strict compliance with the instructions provided in installation manuals, instruction sheets, or product literature. Any damage caused during product transportation or alterations made by the owner is not covered under these warranties. Humanscale does not warrant damages or defects resulting from Acts of God, electrical power issues, the use of non-Humanscale parts or components, failure to perform preventative maintenance or damage caused by peripherals not supplied by Humanscale.

About Humanscale Furniture

As the forerunner and authority in office ergonomics, Humanscale develops products that enable workstations to adjust to the user, rather than the reverse. Established in 1983 by CEO Bob King, Humanscale prioritizes high-performance tools that promote a healthy, more dynamic approach to work. Today, Humanscale has emerged as the preeminent global leader in ergonomics, renowned for crafting intuitive products that enhance the comfort and well-being of office employees. The latest offerings from Humanscale uphold the company's tradition of pioneering, award-winning, user-centric design. Notable products include the revolutionary Element Disc LED task light, the Ballo stool, and the QuickStand height-adjustable workstation.

Products of Humanscale Furniture

Ocean Chairs Keyboard Systems Separation Panels Chairs Technology Tools

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