3 Simple Steps for Hive Home Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You must have an account, which means the registration of your product, that enables you to manage the Hive products from your gadgets such as mobile, tablet, or laptop.

  • Your name, email address, mobile number, home address, and preferred contact method to get you back are needed for account creation.

Step 2:

  • The account section in the Hive app or the official website is for making returns and ordering products. A 14-day time duration is provided to return products purchased on the website or over the phone.

  • When you are considering returning the Hive product installed by their expert partner engineers, inform them via webchat within 14 days of installation. An engineer will visit your home to uninstall the Hive kit.

  • You should follow the return policy when returning products received from the retail shop owners who collaborated with the manufacturer.

Step 3:

  • Prior to contacting the customer support team, they have provided the subjects to be selected, and when you scroll down, topics related to the product guides, FAQs, and the Hive community are accessible.

  • As you click on any one of the subjects, you can see guidance to rectify your problems, whether it be written instructions or contact details of the team.

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Phone Number

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Contact Address

Millstream, Maidenhead Road,
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United Kingdom.

What is covered under the Hive Home Warranty?

The warranty is applicable to all your Hive products, excluding any discontinued items. It's important to note that for coverage under this warranty, Hive products must be in working condition and already paired with your Hive Hub when you subscribe to Hive Heating Plus. Additionally, any Hive products purchased and paired while you have Hive Heating Plus will also be covered. If you've acquired a Hive product within the past year, this guarantee extends in addition to the standard one-year product guarantee provided with all Hive products. In the event that any covered Hive products experience a fault during your Hive Heating Plus subscription, they will be repaired or replaced at no cost.

  • 1-year guarantee on all Hive products

What is NOT covered under the Hive Home Warranty?

The warranty does not cover the installation of repaired or replacement products and does not extend to unrelated faults in their installation, your central heating system, or other appliances.

About Hive Home

Hive Home, a registered trademark held by Centrica Hive Limited, specializes in the development of smart home devices. As one of the leading providers of connected home solutions in the UK, the company boasted over 1,000,000 customers as of May 2018. What sets Hive apart is its unique position as the sole UK-based organization offering comprehensive services for connected homes, encompassing device creation, installation, and continuous customer support. Through the user-friendly Hive app and website, customers have the ability to manage various internet-connected devices, including thermostats, lights, smart plugs, motion sensors, as well as window and door sensors.

Products of Hive Home

Hive Thermostat Hive Heating Plus Radiator Valves Motion Sensors E14 Bulbs Lighting Packs

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