3 Simple Steps for Grado Labs Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Warranty claims can be commenced by completing the form for warranty registration. You need to provide your name, residential address, phone number, when and where you made the purchase and the category of the product in the form.

  • If you want them to perform warranty service on your products, you should have purchased the products from Grado Labs or from an authorized dealer listed on the website. Your warranty coverage is decided by the manufacturer when you have no original receipt.

Step 2:

  • A 30-day time period from the receipt of the products is allowed for returning unsatisfactory products, while 48 hours is required to inform them about receiving defective or damaged products. You can return the products if you purchased them from the official website.

  • The seller will not accept the returned products that are not in new condition and packaged correctly. Furthermore, the return will be sent back to you when you don't pack the products in the original factory cartons.

  • Without including any restocking and processing fees, you will be refunded the original purchasing credit card account number or issued a refund check for the purchase price of your product.

Step 3:

  • A copy of the original packaging slip, instructions on how to manage the return or exchange, and the reason for the return request must be included with the return packaging. Some items are prohibited from being returned.

  • Grado Labs will deduct any shipping costs incurred from refunds for returned items, as well as for shipments that are undeliverable or refused.

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What is covered under the Grado Labs Warranty?

The warranty covers only factory defects and applies to all products with a US manufacturer's warranty. Defective items can be returned to them for repair or replacement within one year. The warranty remains valid from the original date of purchase as long as the product was initially bought from an authorized dealer within the United States.
The warranty program will only be applicable to products bought from an authorized Grado reseller.

  • 1-year warranty on repair or replacement

What is NOT covered under the Grado Labs Warranty?

The warranty does not cover wear and tear or cosmetic damage resulting from usage. It's important to understand that Grado Labs does not offer a warranty for ear tips and cushions, considering them as consumable items. Additionally, Grado Labs does not extend warranty support to products bought from unauthorized sites, with the exception of purchases made through Amazon or eBay from 4OurEars.

About Grado Labs

Grado Labs, an American family-owned company established in 1953, has been crafting top-tier audio products for decades. Founded by Joseph Grado, a distinguished figure in the Audio Hall of Fame, alongside his brother John, the company is renowned for pioneering the moving coil stereo cartridge and pioneering the first genuine high-end dynamic headphones. These groundbreaking headphones laid the foundation for today's Audio Quality Headphone market. Operating from humble offices in Brooklyn, NY, Grado Labs remains a proud American business. Their dedication to producing the finest cartridges and award-winning headphones has been the driving force behind their ongoing commitment to innovation.

Products of Grado Labs

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