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3 Simple Steps for Focal Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Four advantages will be available after registration or account creation: reviewing and rating products, validating and downloading warranty certificates, receiving updates and new information, and becoming entitled customers.

  • Your name, address of residence, postcode, email address, phone number, and password need to be submitted.

Step 2:

  • The warranty period for Focal products may vary from one country to another. Further details about the warranty duration can be fetched from the nearby distributors.

  • The dealers should be approached for repairs or replacement of the products manufactured by Focal. The beginning of the diagnosis and potential quotes will be done, followed by the receiving of guidance from the Focal after-sales service.

Step 3:

  • Please feel free to reach out to the customer support team if you have any questions regarding their products or require assistance in locating authorized Focal dealers nearby.

  • The coverage of the warranty is warranted to meet, at minimum, the standards of the legal warranty applicable in the country where the original purchase invoice was issued.

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What is covered under the Focal Warranty?

Every Focal product is backed by a warranty formulated by the authorized Focal distributor in your region. Your distributor will furnish you with comprehensive information regarding the warranty terms.

  • 2-year warranty

What is NOT covered under the Focal Warranty?

The warranty excludes defects arising from normal wear, improper use, shipping damage, or failure to follow the product instructions. Furthermore, any unauthorized repair, modification, or tampering with the product labeling will nullify this warranty.

About Focal

Focal aims to design audio equipment that not only respects the artist's musical vision but also allows you to immerse yourself in a whole new dimension of sound. They are dedicated to uncovering every subtle detail with utmost precision and clarity. To achieve this, they continuously push the boundaries of sound technology, embracing unconventional approaches and innovative thinking. Through Focal, you'll embark on a journey to explore new realms of emotional connection with music. Since 1979, Focal has been setting the standard for acoustic excellence. Their ultimate goal is to transform every moment of listening into a cherished experience, where music is revered, and emotions are stirred. They aspire to unlock a realm of fresh sensations and feelings, providing you with the opportunity to indulge in pure pleasure.

Products of Focal

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