3 Simple Steps for Grabo Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Your Grabo product warranty duration will be extended to 18 months from 12 months after the registration is duly completed.

  • The registration form requires you to provide your serial number, location, date of purchase, your name or company name, and email, along with attached proof of purchase.

  • The proof of purchase should either be in JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, or JPG format, with a maximum file size of 128 MB.

Step 2:

  • Besides the provided details in the registration form, personal and residential information, images or videos, and a detailed explanation of the problem, along with other relevant details, must be submitted in the form designed for warranty claims.

  • Repairs are carried out on your product when it falls outside the warranty scope, but booking is necessary for the repairs to be done. Simply review the troubleshooting page, where you'll discover instructions for performing the recalibration task.

Step 3:

  • The customer service team can be reached through three means of contact: email, phone, or postal mail, to make you feel comfortable in every way.

  • In addition to these contact methods, you are able to complete a form to initiate communication with them.

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Email Support


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Phone Number

+44 01245 961166

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Contact Address

The Mousery, Beeches Road,
Rawreth, Wickford, Essex-SS11 8GH,
United Kingdom.

What is covered under the Grabo Warranty?

The warranty offered by Grabo begins on the date of purchase. Should the product exhibit any malfunctions or defects within the warranty period, Grabo will, at its discretion, either repair or replace the product.

  • 12-month warranty for all products

What is NOT covered under the Grabo Warranty?

The warranty does not cover instances of freight damage, unauthorized repairs, misuse, overloading, or accidental activation of the tool during storage. It also excludes damages caused by the use of parts or accessories that were not obtained from an authorized dealer or approved by GRABO. Additionally, normal wear of moving parts or consumables, such as seals and filters, is not covered by the warranty.

About Grabo

The Grabo, a portable vacuum lifter, is designed for lifting and transporting heavy objects. Its operation involves creating a robust suction between the tool's foam seal and the surface of the object being lifted. The suction is generated by a powerful vacuum pump, which is fueled by a Lithium-Ion battery. The Grabo is a versatile tool capable of lifting objects weighing up to 170 kilograms across various surfaces, including smooth, rough, semi-porous, and even wet surfaces. Offering safety and user-friendliness, the Grabo facilitates the easier lifting of a diverse range of objects and materials. This not only diminishes the risk of fatigue and injuries but also enhances overall productivity.

Products of Grabo

Grabo Replacement Battery Grabo Battery Charger Grabo T-Handle Grabo Rock Seal Grabo Brace Seal

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