3 Simple Steps for GE Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You can simply log in to your account on their official website. You can also leverage their well-designed app for the purpose. This will help you in managing your CYNC account and smart home devices you have.

  • Your current email address along with a password of your choice is more than enough for the purpose. You will have to provide all your necessary details and product details to fetch control over the product through the account. This can also be the pathway for the claim.

Step 2:

  • The warranty period of products from GE Electric differs as per its specification and type. You can expect a warranty of at least two years for most of its products.

  • For the claim, You can visit their support page and fill out the form provided to initiate the process.

  • You must provide your basic details like name and detailed location along with email address mandatorily. You can also provide your mobile number and fax if you are interested. Product code, number of defective items along with price and purchase place of your product. They have a field dedicated to mentioning your problem and also another column to explain your issue.

Step 3:

  • The team will look into the issue with the details provided from your end and respond to you about the possibilities of the claim and other important details to be shared.

  • They also maintain a dedicated page where you can contact their support according to the product as each of their main products are dedicated with a team for support, claim and other queries and concerns from the customer end.

  • During the warranty process, GE may provide you with one of the following solutions: either a warranty replacement or warranty service during the warranty period.

Phone Number


Mon-Fri: 8 AM - 6 PM (EST)

Contact Address

Nela Park,
East Cleveland, OH,
United States, Ohio

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What is covered under the GE Warranty?

Any product that has failed within the promised duration of life from the company, making sure the product is perfectly handled is always eligible for the claim. This includes any type of defect in workmanship and materials in the product. You can easily return the product with proper proof of purchase and address to their place for a replacement. Make sure you apply the warranty in the location from where you have purchased the product since the rights for any warranty differ from one location to the other.

  • Cameras, thermostats, switches & accessories — 2-Years limited warranty.

  • Smart Bulbs & Light Strips — 3-Years warranty for 3 hours per day at 120V.

What is NOT covered under the GE Warranty?

There are limitations in the coverage of the warranty from GE Lighting. On that note, All kinds of consequential and incidental damages are always excluded from the claim. The warranty also does not cover charges for the installation, removal or reinstallation along with damages due to improper handling(wiring, placing), misuse and alteration of the product. Damages of products that are in connection with GE Lighting products will also be strictly neglected in the claim. Any warranty is merchantable within the defined period immediately from the date of purchase.

About GE

With a history of over 130 years, They have been at the forefront of the lighting technology and industry satisfying millions of people. GE Lighting’s future is bright after having been undertaken by Savant. The firm is focused on embracing the aim of its parent company to create a smart home experience with advanced and trendy lighting solutions designed to enhance wellness and lifestyle in any setting!

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