3 Simple Steps for Gasmate Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • To successfully complete your registration, you will need to provide essential information, such as your name, email, residential address, retailer, and product details, before pressing the registration button.

  • Registering your product guarantees the preservation of your warranty information, so there is no other task more important than this.

Step 2:

  • To enhance your convenience, they have developed a dedicated webpage to effortlessly guide you in finding a comprehensive list of available stockists.

  • Two kinds of warranty claims can be made: for end users and trade partners or stores. Both forms have different fields, but at the bottom of the form, you have to attach the required files.

Step 3:

  • Kindly explore the official Gasmate website to discover the functions of their products and stay informed about the latest releases.

  • Feel encouraged to pick up your phone and contact their seasoned customer support team for further assistance.

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Phone Number

1300 174 876

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Contact Address

33-35 Lionel Road,
Mt Waverley, VIC-3149,

What is covered under the Gasmate Warranty?

Sitro Group Australia provides a warranty to the purchaser of this product, safeguarding against defects in workmanship and materials in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the accompanying warranty statement. The warranty is non-transferable to any subsequent purchaser if the original purchaser sells the product during the warranty period. Should a warranty fault arise within this period, S.G.A. retains the right to either replace or repair the product. In the case of a replacement, the original warranty will expire on the original date. For products with various accessories or components, only the defective part will be replaced or repaired. S.G.A. also reserves the right to replace faulty parts with those of similar quality, grade, and composition if an identical part is unavailable. Refurbished products of the same type may be used as replacements during repairs, and warranty repairs are free of charge if the product is delivered to the Service Department or one of the Authorized Service Agents.

  • 12-month for making any warranty claim

What is NOT covered under the Gasmate Warranty?

The warranty excludes defects, deterioration, loss, injury, or damage resulting from misuse or abuse, negligent handling or storage, normal wear and tear, improper installation or use contrary to S.G.A.'s instructions, recommendations, and specifications, or exposure to abnormal conditions. It does not cover blockages caused by insects or living organisms, and the warranty becomes void if there is evidence of unauthorized tampering with the product. Installation or disconnection costs are not covered by the warranty.

About Gasmate

Gasmate Australia is an entirely Australian-owned company specializing in the design and distribution of outdoor living products. Gasmate products are accessible in various stores throughout Australia. Adorning some of the most stylish homes in the country, their outdoor kitchens feature additional products like modules with sinks, fridges, range hoods, and cabinetry. The company takes pride in offering cost-effective products that enrich their customers' experiences in the great outdoors, whether it's at home on the patio or while camping in the Australian bush.

Products of Gasmate

Gas Camping Stoves Pizza Ovens Bar Fridges Rangehoods Portable BBQ BBQ Covers Cylinders

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