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3 Simple Steps for GARDENA Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You should claim the warranty by making a request. With the request, it is essential to show Gardena the information about the affected product, a copy of the original proof of purchase, the product registration, and a warranty confirmation email with errors to be explained in detail.

  • The product number can be found on the box that protected the product during delivery or on the official website of Gardena.

Step 2:

  • The manufacturer's warranty is provided when the products are registered within three months of the purchase date. To move to the next steps of the enrolment, you have to provide the email.

  • Specifically, you are not eligible to receive a replacement product while your current one is undergoing repairs. Warranty services will not prolong or renew the warranty period for the product.

Step 3:

  • The prime duty of the customer care team is to take care of the customers. They are dedicated to resolving problems as quickly as possible and are delighted to assist. You will be amazed by their service.

  • A small form is available where you can fill out the required details with an attachment of a file with no specific size limit.

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    Warranty Now

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What is covered under the GARDENA Warranty?

GARDENA provides a warranty for all Original GARDENA products, effective from the original purchase date from an authorized dealer, subject to the following conditions: if the products have been used solely for private applications. GARDENA assures the end customer that the product is free from material or manufacturing defects. This warranty applies globally.

  • 5-year warranty on 66 ft. Wall Mounted Hose Reel

What is NOT covered under the GARDENA Warranty?

The warranty is not applicable to the products purchased second-hand. Excluded from the warranty are normal wear and tear of parts and components, visual changes, worn parts, and consumables.


GARDENA, a renowned global brand, empowers gardeners of all levels, from avid enthusiasts to casual caretakers, to actively pursue their gardening aspirations with innovative and sustainable products. Through its commitment to inspiration and accessibility, GARDENA strives to make these products available worldwide. With its founding in Germany in 1961, GARDENA has become the preferred brand for millions of homeowners and gardeners globally. Offering a comprehensive range of German-engineered products and cutting-edge innovations, GARDENA covers all aspects of gardening, including watering systems, lawn care, robotics, tree and shrub care, garden tools, and urban and rural gardening solutions.

Products of GARDENA

Hoses Sprinklers Connectors Robot Mowers Spare Blades

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