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What is covered under the Bromic Heaters Warranty?

The warranty extends solely to the initial purchaser. Bromic Heating or its authorized representative will provide the original buyer with a replacement Bromic Heating heater or replacement part for any failed component.

  • 1-year warranty on parts for controllers and Tungsten portable

  • 5-year warranty on parts for Platinum Electric Marine

What is NOT covered under the Bromic Heaters Warranty?

The warranty does not cover labor costs associated with servicing, removing, or reinstalling the heater or any of its components. Additionally, it excludes charges for shipping and delivery, including the forwarding of a new heater or replacement part from the nearest distributor and the return of the claimed defective heater or part to said distributor. Furthermore, all expenses related to handling, administrative tasks, and any materials or permits needed for the installation of the replacement heater or part are the responsibility of the owner.

About Bromic Heaters

Bromic Heating Australia stands alone as the sole company dedicated to designing, engineering, and producing gas, electric, and portable outdoor heating products. With a team of skilled engineers, Bromic has pioneered radiant heating solutions that deliver unparalleled heating efficiency and contemporary designs, surpassing the capabilities of others in the industry. Bromic heaters are the preferred selection of leading architects and designers, adorning some of the most esteemed hospitality establishments worldwide.

Products of Bromic Heaters

Heaters Gas Mounting Poles Gas Heat Deflectors Tungsten Portable Covers Tungsten Electric Recess Kits

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