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3 Simple Steps for Fujitsu General Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • As the products are sold for residential and commercial sectors, Fujitsu General has facilities for both kinds of products. Here, you can proceed with the registration of residential products. 

  • The explanation of the registration of the residential products has been provided virtually in three beautiful and easy steps on YouTube. 

  • These steps include owner data, address where the equipment was installed, contractor's name, product details, and a duplicate copy of the proof of purchase.

Step 2:

  • There is no better solution to receive the warranty service than contacting the installer or contractor who installed the products manufactured by Fujitsu General in your home.

  • Registration is not mandatory for individuals residing within the boundaries of California and Quebec. Without registration, you can avail of the rights and remedies under the limited warranty.

Step 3:

  • Customers from any background, whether they are from domestic or commercial departments, can contact the customer support team for any doubts or clarifications, which will be promptly resolved.

  • In certain states, there are regulations that prohibit limitations on the duration of an implied warranty, as well as the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. As a result, the exclusions or limitations mentioned above may not be applicable in those states.

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What is covered under the Fujitsu General Warranty?

The limited warranty offered by Fujitsu General America, Inc. to the original end-user consumer of the Fujitsu Airstage System specifies that installation, operation, or use of the system signifies acceptance of the terms. FGAI warrants, for the designated periods, that the system will be devoid of defects in material and workmanship for human thermal comfort or other approved applications under standard use and service conditions. Any component or part that is repaired or replaced will be warranted for the remaining duration of the original limited warranty period or thirty days after the replacement part is shipped, whichever is longer.

  • 90-day residential warranty on controls and accessories

  • 1-year residential warranty on parts

  • 2-year residential warranty on compressors

What is NOT covered under the Fujitsu General Warranty?

The limited warranty does not apply to a system sold and/or installed outside the United States, U.S. Territories, or Canada, nor to Systems designed for markets other than the United States, including any System purchased from an online retailer. It also excludes Systems not installed, serviced, maintained, or operated in accordance with the instructions and guidelines outlined in the installation, operation, maintenance, software, or engineering publications provided by FGAI, as well as Systems with altered, defaced, or removed serial numbers or parts thereof. Additionally, any shipping or freight charges or damages arising from the transportation of parts covered by the Limited Warranty are not covered. Damage and/or failure caused by various factors including fire, water, wind, floods, impact damage from projectiles, earthquakes, theft, riot, vandalism, force majeure, acts of war, or acts of God are excluded. Similarly, damage and/or failure caused by power surges, interruptions of electrical power, faulty power supply, improper wiring or installation, or fluctuations in electrical power are not covered. Misuse, neglect, improper adjustment of user controls, modification and/or alteration of the System or any component thereof, improper sizing or design, or incorporation with other products leading to damage and/or failure are also excluded. Damage and/or failure caused by exposure to extreme weather or environmental conditions outside the recommended installation requirements, including corrosive chemical vapors and/or liquids, is not covered. Damage caused by frozen or broken water pipes in the event of equipment failure is also excluded. Wear and tear or changes in appearance of the System that do not affect its performance are not covered. Replacement of fuses and replacement or resetting of circuit breakers, damage due to the use of unapproved refrigerant types or use of recycled refrigerant, system installation or setup, or removal of a System from its original location are excluded. The use of any sealant or other substances or materials not specified in the installation manual, as well as the use of any third-party components for the installation of the Airstage product, including pipes, wires, pumps, switches, adaptors, etc., are also not covered under the warranty.

About Fujitsu General

Fujitsu General offers homeowners air conditioners and heat pumps equipped with cutting-edge innovations and technologies to guarantee optimal home comfort for you, your family, and your friends. Since commencing their air conditioning operations in 1971, their products have gained popularity worldwide, and they persist in enhancing them. With over 40 years of experience in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and an exceptional 99.99% product performance rate, you can trust that Fujitsu General ductless systems will ensure year-round comfort for you and your family.

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