3 Simple Steps for Fitbit Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • In order to receive warranty service, a return authorization must be obtained. To be eligible for a refund, the following conditions must be met: the return authorization must be requested within 45 days of the date of shipment (subject to November and December purchases, for which the deadline is set at the 31st of the year following the date of shipment or 45 days after the date of shipment, whichever is longer).

  • The device or accessory must be returned in good physical condition, including all parts contained in the original packaging; and the return authorization number must be included with the return. If the return does not meet any of the requirements, they reserve the right to reject it or charge a restocking fee, which may be up to 15%.

  • Instead of having your original device repaired, you may receive a replacement or refurbished unit. This is for the case when you submit your product for service.

  • During the warranty process, the manufacturer or seller may intend to provide you with one of the following solutions under warranty coverage: either warranty replacement or warranty service during the 1-year warranty period.

Step 2:

  • Without providing your name, contact information, and the registered email address of your product, you are not able to receive support from Fitbit.

  • You should have proof of purchase details and provide answers to the questions crafted to address potential issues before commencing the warranty service. In addition to this, the listed procedure has to be followed.

Step 3:

  • File a claim for the original accessory band that was included in your device's in-box. This claim is limited to one per device per 4 months.

  • Before filing a claim, ensure that your device is set up properly and paired, to get further support with the application.

  • If you experience a problem with an accessory band that was purchased separately, a band that has been replaced, or with your Tracker or Smartwatch, please contact Customer Support with the given address below.

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What is covered under the Fitbit Warranty?

Fitbit guarantees that its Fitbit-branded devices and accessories, referred to as the "New Product", will be free from material and workmanship defects in normal use for one year from the original purchaser's date of purchase. The warranty period is extended to two years if the original purchaser is a resident of the European Economic Area and the Fitbit product was purchased in the EEA. If you opted for Fitbit protection plan your device will be covered for 2 total years. It also covers some accidental damage. The warranty is valid solely for devices acquired through Fitbit or its authorized resellers.

  • New Fitbit-branded devices and accessories must be free from any material or craft defects in normal use for 1 year from the date of purchase.

What is NOT covered under the Fitbit Warranty?

Exemptions from this Limited Warranty encompass damage resulting from various conditions and actions. Such exclusions include the effects of normal wear and tear, accidents, misuse (including failure to adhere to product documentation), neglect, disassembly, alterations, and servicing conducted by unauthorized technicians. Furthermore, external factors, such as liquid damage, exposure to sharp objects, exposure to excessive force, anomalies in the electrical current supplied to the Google product, and extreme thermal or environmental conditions, are also not covered by this warranty.

About Fitbit

Fitbit is a globally recognized brand that has revolutionized the fitness industry through its cutting-edge wearable devices. Its sleek design and cutting-edge features make it an ideal choice for those looking to track their progress and improve their health. Fitbit offers a comprehensive selection of activity trackers, smartwatches, and other wearable devices that track steps, heart rate, sleep, and GPS functions. Through these features, users can gain valuable insights into their day-to-day activities and overall health. Furthermore, Fitbit's user-friendly mobile application and online community are designed to motivate and engage users in their fitness journeys, furthering its mission to inspire and empower individuals around the world to lead healthier, more active lifestyles.

Products of Fitbit

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