• 11 Sep, 2023

Do you wanna claim Fiskars warranty? Here is the best guide!

3 Simple Steps for Fiskars Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Fiskars provides you with account creation options. This will provide you with various benefits including a 10% discount on product purchases. Your first & last name, email address and a strong password are all that you need to create one.

  • Registering your product within the first 30 days of purchase can help you avail extended warranty plans for specific products. You must provide the product code which you can find on the product along with your name, email address and country to register.

Step 2:

  • Any product found defective should be claimed within the first 30 days of discovery of the defective to make the claim possible. Any warranty claims after the period always go void.

  • You can use their “Warranty Claim Form” for this purpose. Please provide your personal details like name, current email address and phone number along with detailed address including city, state and postal code. Product name, item/model number and description of your issue along with pictures for proofs also have to be included.

  • Their team on the other end will inspect your issue and guide you on the further proceeding if you are eligible for the claim.

Step 3:

  • You can always rely on their customer support for any kind of issues and concerns of any degree you have with their products. They will strive hard to guide by any means possible and make sure the issue is resolved.

  • Additionally, They have a long FAQ page that is filled with valuable information and will resolve all of the common questions and concerns you have with their products and services.

  • Just consider using their contact form for prompt responses. You will have to provide the same above-mentioned details to send your query.

Email Support


For further info, Kindly Get in touch with them via this email.

Phone Number


Place a call to get more support for warranty claim

Contact Address

Fiskar Brands Inc,
7800 Discovery Drive
Middleton, WI 53562

What is covered under the Fiskars Warranty?

All products of Fiskars are crafted with technically advanced materials and manufacturing processes. They are always tested to perform excellently for the environments and activities they are created for. However, They are also warranted to be free from all forms of defects in material and workmanship for the subject period of time. Any product found defective will be provided with proper repair and replacement at their sole discretion if claimed only by the original owner with proper proof of purchase including the address details. If the same product is not available for replacement, Fiskars will replace it with the most similar model of the same value.

  • 30-Day Return Policy.

  • 3-Year Limited Warranty Plan.

  • 25-Year Extended Warranty Plan.

What is NOT covered under the Fiskars Warranty?

Negligence or modification of the product; loss of product; accident; damage caused to the product resulting from use which is not intended for the product or abuse of the product; extreme temperatures; heat, flame, continuous heat above +40 degrees Celsius or under -30 degreesCelsius; failure to notify the retailer/Fiskars within a reasonable time of the damage occurring; the use of unsuitable cleaning methods or substances; such as acids or solvents; in-use wearing, normal wear and tear; defects caused by weather conditions; such as rusting or alteration in colour and failure to adhere to appropriate care such as cleaning the product after use and storing away from weather and direct sunlight are always neglected in the claim. Additionally, The warranty is not valid in particularly aggressive or corrosive climates such as marine or industrial or constant contact with water, chemicals, ash, cement or dust and they are also not liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages including without limitation, damage to, or loss of use of, any equipment, lost sales or profits or delay or failure to perform this Warranty obligation.

About Fiskars

Fiskars is a prestigious part of Fiskars Group, the global home of design-driven brands for indoor and outdoor living. They are aimed at enabling enjoyable moments that are powered by their consumer focus, strong brand passion and forward-looking drive to shape the classics of tomorrow. Being unified and driven by a common purpose has helped them become a pioneer in design to make everyday extraordinary. Quality and dependability in all of the products come through serious evaluation and testing in all of their products. This is what makes them stand out in the competition!

Products of Fiskars

Kids & School Scissors Gardening & Yard Care Products Cooking Products Crafting & Sewing Products Building & Fixing Products

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