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3 Simple Steps for ESEE Knives Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Through the form specifically designed for warranty claims, you can request warranty service for ESEE Knives products. Your damaged product needs to be returned to the manufacturer with the printed form that is sent to you via email as an e-form after you complete it.

  • The form includes fields for personal and contact details, along with the knife model and the reason for the knives to be returned. You can upload files in gif, jpg, jpeg, or png format, ensuring they do not exceed the size limit of 2 Mb.

Step 2:

  • You must use USPS Priority Mail with a tracking facility to return the knives to the mentioned address for repair. You should have the tracking number as it serves as evidence that your knife is received by them.

  • Without the need for a signature, you can get your knife back via USPS. The return shipping costs must be paid by you for the knives which warranty period has expired.

Step 3:

  • When you need warranty service for Expat Knives or a piece of gear, ESEE Knives recommends you contact the customer care center prior to shipping the products.

  • Warranty claims for ESEE-branded knives and other brands and gear are handled at two distinct locations.

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What is covered under the ESEE Knives Warranty?

ESEE Knives guarantees the repair or replacement of knives and products that have become unserviceable or unusable due to damage or breakage. This warranty remains valid regardless of how many times the products have been traded, sold, or given away, and no sales receipt or proof of purchase is necessary. Consumers can transfer the warranty.

  • Lifetime warranty

What is NOT covered under the ESEE Knives Warranty?

The warranty does not cover regular wear and tear, including worn or scratched coating, dull edges, lost hardware, theft, etc. If you require replacements for handles, sheaths, clip plates, or hardware due to loss or normal wear, kindly visit their store. Consumables included in their survival kits are not covered by the warranty.

About ESEE Knives

In 1997, Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin embarked on a mission to transform the landscape of the survival and wilderness industry. Frustrated by the prevalent exaggeration and hype associated with "survival" gear and training, they established Randall’s Adventure and Training to bring practical tools and knowledge to the consumer market. Today, the ESEE brand has gained global recognition and distribution. Serving a diverse clientele, including special operations personnel, rescue technicians, hunters, law enforcement, border security, film crews, outdoorsmen, and professional adventurers, ESEE Knives / Randall’s Adventure and Training has made a significant impact. Their courses and gear have been featured on the Travel Channel, and Discovery Channel, as well as in numerous movies, books, leading outdoor magazines, and trade publications.

Products of ESEE Knives

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