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3 Simple Steps for Electro-Voice Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • The list of certified partners and distributors can be obtained from the Bosch service desk when you have no knowledge of where and how to claim the warranty as certified partners and distributors are responsible for that.

  • The requirement for warranty claims to be accepted is either the submission of the original sales receipt containing the correct serial number to Bosch Building Technologies or prior registration of the product with Bosch Building Technologies before initiating the warranty claim.

Step 2:

  • Claims related to or stemming from this warranty must be made within three months from the date of becoming aware of the event that led to the claim. The customer is only authorized to return products with the prior written approval of Bosch Building Technologies.

  • The warranties apply to products delivered from July 1, 2018, until the commencement of new warranty terms. You cannot transfer the warranty to anyone.

Step 3:

  • The customer service team in the United States is prepared to aid you with purchase orders, stock inquiries, and partner referrals. Late complaints will not be accommodated.

  • For newly supplied or repaired products, only the remaining duration of the original warranty period will be applicable.

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What is covered under the Electro-Voice Warranty?

Electro-Voice offers customers a warranty ensuring that products are free from material and workmanship defects. This warranty is specifically applicable to ELECTRO-VOICE products under Bosch Building Technologies and is valid within the United States and Canada. This warranty remains valid under conditions of proper and standard use and installation, and only when operating under normal conditions.

  • 1-year warranty on loudspeaker accessories & hardware

  • 2-year warranty on R300 wireless microphones

  • 3-year warranty on RE3 wireless microphones

  • 5-year warranty on non-powered loudspeakers

What is NOT covered under the Electro-Voice Warranty?

The warranty does not extend to distributors, installation companies, or second-hand purchasers of the products. Furthermore, it does not cover modifications or damage resulting from force majeure events such as storms, hail, fire, power outages, lightning, flooding, snow damage, avalanches, frost, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, insect infestations, animal-related damage, acts of war, or similar circumstances. Additionally, it does not cover damage caused by vandalism, theft, unprofessional installation, commissioning, operation, improper removal, or reinstallation of products, impairment due to external influences, interconnection with modules from other manufacturers (unless explicitly permitted in the product installation manual), defects in the system into which the product is integrated, or insufficient ventilation.

About Electro-Voice

For more than 90 years, Electro-Voice has been dedicated to crafting cutting-edge sound reinforcement solutions. Their products empower performers, surpass the standards of audio professionals, and enhance the overall audience experience. What sets Electro-Voice apart is its commitment to designing all components in-house – from enclosures to waveguides to drivers – guaranteeing exceptional quality across every audio application, whether it's a standalone loudspeaker or a networked sound system. They are deeply devoted to the art and science of audio, continually exploring innovative approaches to deliver unparalleled sensory experiences.

Products of Electro-Voice

Commercial Speakers Portable Speakers Wired Microphones Wireless Microphones Live Sound Systems

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