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3 Simple Steps for EIKI Projectors Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You must provide the original dated bill of sale, sales slip, or proof of purchase to an Authorized Service Dealer or Authorized Regional Service Center when requesting warranty service.

  • Eiki, facilitated by an Authorized Service Dealer or Authorized Regional Service Center, will offer lamp replacements on a prorated basis. The warranty period begins from the initial purchase date of the product from an Authorized EIKI Dealer.

Step 2:

  • Eiki's liability for any losses or damages, regardless of cause, including negligence, alleged damage, or defective goods, shall not exceed the purchase price of the equipment, whether the defects are apparent or hidden.

  • Eiki denies all implied warranties, including those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, as permitted by law.

Step 3:

  • You have to provide your name, email, country, zip code, and comments to reach out to the customer service department. They are looking forward to helping you. 

  • To have your doubts cleared, just go through the FAQs page where you can come across a lot of answers to the questions.

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What is covered under the EIKI Projectors Warranty?

The warranty is applicable solely to EIKI products bought within the United States or its territories from authorized EIKI dealers. It is exclusively valid for the original purchaser.

  • 3-year warranty on laser light engine, HLD LED light engine, and infinity lamp projection lamps

What is NOT covered under the EIKI Projectors Warranty?

The warranty does not cover repairs or replacements required due to circumstances beyond EIKI's control, including unauthorized service or parts, inadequate maintenance, operation contrary to provided instructions, shipping or transit accidents, user modifications or repairs, misuse, neglect, accidents, incorrect power line voltage, natural disasters such as fire or flood, or normal wear and tear.

About EIKI Projectors

Established in 1953 in Osaka, Japan, EIKI Projectors embarked on a mission to revolutionize classroom instruction technology. Recognizing their expertise in 16mm Film Projector engineering, Eiki Industrial Co., Ltd., dedicated itself to crafting superior classroom film handling equipment through continuous innovation. Over the years, EIKI has spearheaded numerous groundbreaking advancements, with one of the most notable being the modularization of the 16mm projector. With projectors evolving into more complex and costly systems, EIKI engineers devised a solution by simplifying their design. By reducing the number of moving parts and consolidating them into just four modules, EIKI created a projector that was not only more cost-effective to produce but also significantly more reliable and easier to maintain than its counterparts.

Products of EIKI Projectors

Laser Projectors Large Venue Projectors Conference Room Projectors Classroom Projectors Bluetooth Speakers

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