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3 Simple Steps for Eccotemp Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Registration is the primary process. By creating an account and providing your personal and home address, you will be able to register yourself. For signing in, an email and password are required.

  • Being an account holder will enable you to complete checkouts faster than ever before, store multiple addresses, and track orders and order history. The product selector facility of Eccotemp backs you up in finding the suitable product for you.

Step 2:

  • You can put your worries to rest in the event of accidental and sudden damage to your product, as the accidental damage coverage (ADH) extends your warranty plan to provide protection.

  • ADH Coverage excludes coverage for wear and tear, theft, unexplained disappearance, misplacement, virus-related issues, reckless or intentional mishandling and product misuse, cosmetic damage, damage that doesn't impair the product's functionality, and any damage occurring during the shipment process between you and our service providers.

  • Acts of God Coverage enhances the fundamental safeguard woven into your plan, delivering protection against exceptional, extraordinary, sudden, and unpredictable manifestations of natural forces.

Step 3:

  • Options such as call scheduling, support ticket creation, and live chat are available for reaching out to customer support. Below that, product information and manuals, store location finder, and FAQs are provided for the convenience of their clients.

  • The Return Goods Authorization (known as RGA) is provided by the customer service team and should be included with the product when returning it. Eccotemp cannot accept returned products that do not have an RGA number.

  • The timeframe for returning opened or used products is 45 days and must get approval from customer service crew members.

  • There is a difference between manufacturer warranties and extended warranties or protection plans. The manufacturer warranties provided with the products are intended to offer protection at the basic level and are supported by the company.

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What is covered under the Eccotemp Warranty?

The warranty plan applies to products that were bought as new and originally manufactured for use within the United States. These products must have come with a manufacturer's original warranty at the time of purchase, which should have been valid in the United States and provided a minimum coverage of ninety days for both parts and labor. To be eligible for this plan, the products need to be registered within sixty days of purchase. Under this plan, in the event that your product becomes inoperable due to a mechanical or electrical failure during the coverage period, and it is not covered by any other insurance, warranty, guarantee, or plan, they will agree to either repair or replace the product. The parts used for repair or replacement may include new, used, refurbished, or non-original manufacturer parts, as long as they meet the factory specifications required for your product.

  • 1-year limited warranty on Eccotemp EZ flush system descaler kit

  • 2-year limited warranty on Eccotemp EccoFlo pump and Eccotemp EL5 Portable Tankless Water Heater

  • 5-year limited warranty on Eccotemp builder series whole home tankless water heater

What is NOT covered under the Eccotemp Warranty?

The warranty will become void under various circumstances, including when damage or repairs are related to pre-existing conditions known to you, improper packaging, transportation damage during shipment to a service center, or relocation of the covered equipment. It also excludes coverage for products or components used for continuous business, commercial, industrial, or public purposes or those offered on a rental basis, as well as coin-operated products. Damage or failure due to specific causes, such as riots, nuclear radiation, war, hostile actions, radioactive contamination, freezing, overheating, neglect, negligence, misuse, abuse, intentional damage, theft, mysterious disappearance, vandalism, rust, corrosion, warping, bending, animal or insect infestation, and more, is not covered. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by environmental conditions, weather exposure, acts of nature (e.g., fire, floods, storms, earthquakes), operations outside manufacturer specifications, or collisions. Additional exclusions encompass damage to housing, supports, casing, or the frame of the product, improper storage, damage caused by non-covered parts, improper installation of customer-replaceable components, lack of recommended maintenance, operational errors on the part of the consumer, unauthorized alterations or manipulations, removal, installation, reinstallation, unauthorized repairs, alterations, equipment sold without a manufacturer's warranty, covered products with removed or altered serial numbers, consequential damages, non-failure problems like noises, periodic or preventative maintenance, cleaning, cosmetic repairs, or structural items. The warranty also does not cover the repair of LCD/plasma resolution/failure, pixel burnout, or image failures not meeting the manufacturer's specifications, signal reception or transmission problems from external causes, repair or replacement costs for lost components not originally covered by the manufacturer's warranty, service or replacement outside of the continental United States of America, and service events not reported during the term of this plan.

About Eccotemp

Since its establishment in 2006, Eccotemp has been steadfast in its commitment to creating some of the most cutting-edge, versatile, resource-efficient, and eco-friendly tankless water heaters available in its era. The water heaters and storage tanks are equipped with smart home technology, allowing for effortless voice-activated control over various aspects, including scheduling, consumption costs, and operating modes. The portable and on-demand water heaters are designed to ensure a constant supply of hot water wherever you may be, regardless of the location. Furthermore, their stylish models cater to compact spaces, tiny homes, small cabins, and other snug abodes.

Products of Eccotemp

Gas Tankless Water Heaters Portable Tankless Water Heaters Thermostat Control Boxes Smarthome Water Heaters Lamps

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