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3 Simple Steps for Drybar Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • The appropriate solution to your issues related to the warranty will be provided by the customer service team, who are experts in this field. Customers who have contacted them for warranty claims have come away satisfied.

  • Notification to Drybar regarding any claims under this warranty must be made within 30 days of identifying any alleged lack of conformity in the product or service.

Step 2:

  • The regulations for return or exchange are more or less identical but with differences, one of which is that for exchanges Drybar charges for the new items during the time of shipping and refunds the original items following their receipt and processing.

  • Both returns and exchanges have a time limit of 60 days from the shipping date. The qualification to receive the refund is that the products should have been purchased from the official website of Drybar.

  • Email is the medium of communication to send the prepaid FedEx shipping label, which will be taken care of by the customer service team, after the information such as contact, address, order number, and products which are about to be returned or exchanged.

Step 3:

  • Pack the returned items and your original packing list carefully in a shipping box, and seal it securely. The returns and exchanges are free for products returned within the boundaries of the continental U.S.A.

  • Waiting for the 14 business days will be worth it to have your refund to the original form of payment. You need to contact the shops in case you made the purchase from there.

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What is covered under the Drybar Warranty?

Drybar Products LLC, a Delaware-based limited liability company, assures the original purchaser of its product or service that said product has been meticulously designed, developed, and/or manufactured in accordance with all applicable commercial standards and good manufacturing practices. The Drybar product is guaranteed to be devoid of any defects in material and workmanship for a period of 730 days from the purchase date. Drybar's sole responsibility under this warranty is to either repair or replace the product, at Drybar's discretion.

  • 2-year limited warranty

What is NOT covered under the Drybar Warranty?

The warranty provided by Drybar Products LLC does not cover instances of normal wear and tear, damage resulting from misuse or abuse such as accidental drops, incorrect voltage supply, or failure to adhere to safety precautions. Additionally, any tampering, including unauthorized repairs, will void the warranty, as will neglect or inadequate maintenance. Damage to the cord, modification, misuse, abuse, involvement in accidents, or damage due to natural disasters are also excluded from coverage. This warranty does not extend to damage incurred during product shipment, nor does it cover deterioration of the product's surface finish, aesthetics, or appearance. Furthermore, tools for which customers fail to follow the outlined warranty procedures, or tools subjected to tampering or misuse with transformers, voltage converters, plug adapters, or alternative power supplies internationally (outside the US, Mexico, or Canada), except for tools expressly designed for international use, are not covered under this warranty.

About Drybar

The philosophy of Drybar is simple Focus on one thing and be the best at it. For them, that’s blowouts. With that purpose in mind, they are focused on providing the best professional quality beauty products, tools, and services to create and maintain the perfect blowout for all individual hair types. They provide happiness, confidence, and empowerment to people of all hair types in Drybar shops and at home. Drybar collaborates internally and externally, always striving to provide consumer-centric innovation, operational excellence, scale, global reach, and stellar shared services to make them soar.

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