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3 Simple Steps for Dometic Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You will need to provide details about yourself and your product in the product registration form for the warranty claiming process. Product details such as model, SKU and serial number, and purchase date are required.

  • Maximize the benefits of your Dometic product by completing the registration process. Registration not only allows you to confirm ownership of your Dometic product but also eliminates the need to complete the included product registration card if you choose to register through this website.

Step 2:

  • If you happen to be unsatisfied with your purchase, Dometic may provide you with the opportunity to return the product within 30 days of your purchase date, resulting in a full refund of the product's value.

  • For a return to be accepted, the product should stay unmodified, unused, and in its original packaging. All return requests must comply with the designated terms and conditions.

  • If you plan to request a return for a product bundle comprising two or more items offered at a discounted rate, it is imperative that you return all the items that are part of the bundle.

Step 3:

  • The Dometic support team is a solution-finder for all your troubles. The team can be used to find the right product, for maintenance or upgradation, product manuals and brochures, and alternative parts.

  • You can reach out to them either by filling out the support form or by contacting one of their sales offices. After submitting your request, they will respond to you within three working days.

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What is covered under the Dometic Warranty?

This warranty is applicable solely to the initial purchaser, referred to as the "Original Purchaser," who procures the Dometic Product for personal use and installs and operates it within the continental United States and Canada. The warranty becomes effective from the date of purchase by the Original Purchaser. It is advisable for the Original Purchaser to retain a copy of the dated bill of sale as proof of the purchase date. This comprehensive warranty encompasses labor, specified parts, and freight. The Dometic Product is expected to be free from material and workmanship defects at the time of sale and during regular usage. Please note that all Dometic Products, except those explicitly designed for commercial purposes, are covered by this warranty when installed according to the Seller's installation instructions.

  • 1-year limited warranty on Awnings, Breeze Fan, Windows, Skylights, Sinks and Faucets, CCF-T Ford Console Refrigerator, Slide Tray

  • 2-year limited warranty on Dometic Refrigerators, Dometic Cooktops, Ranges, Slide-Ins, and Glass/Metal Covers

  • 3-year limited warranty on Ultra Breeze Cover, ALDI Coolers

  • 5-year limited warranty on CFX3 Coolers, Avalanche Coolers, Co-Alarms

  • 7-year limited warranty on Fantastic Vent Fans, Patrol Coolers

What is NOT covered under the Dometic Warranty?

The warranty excludes coverage for the following scenarios: damage that hasn't been reported within 10 days of ownership; damage or malfunctions resulting from the installation of accessories not produced and sold by the Seller, or the use of non-Dometic parts as replacements; damage due to the lack of regular maintenance and any harm resulting from the neglect of such maintenance; failure to adhere to the Seller's usage instructions for this Dometic Product; diminished performance caused by high-altitude conditions; interference from radio frequencies (RFI) or electromagnetic interference (EMI); deterioration and corrosion of the 12 VDC system chassis ground; harm or performance hindrance due to animal or insect infiltration; accidents or improper usage of any part of the Dometic Product, and any modifications made by unauthorized individuals other than the Seller or its authorized representative; and the expected wear and tear associated with regular use.

About Dometic

Dometic Group, a Swedish-based company, specializes in manufacturing a diverse range of products primarily for the outdoor, recreational vehicle, marine, and hospitality sectors. These products cover areas such as Food & Beverage, Climate, Power & Control, and various other applications. Dometic's presence spans across the Americas, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific regions. With a global reach, Dometic distributes its products in around 100 countries and has established an extensive distribution and dealer network to cater to the aftermarket needs of its customers worldwide.

Products of Dometic

Electric Coolers Camping Tents Rooftop Tents Bottles Tumblers Mugs Portable Toilets Air Conditioners Refrigerators Portable Batteries Solar Panels

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