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3 Simple Steps for Dango Products Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • The customer service team tends to provide answers to your queries related to warranty claims or anything else within 24 hours or less after the form is filled out.

  • A unique policy followed by Dango Products is that 'no proof of purchase means no warranty claim or service'.

Step 2:

  • After thirty days from the purchase date, you will not be able to return the products. You should include the proof of purchase in the return package. 

  • The return package must include all original parts along with accessories, packaging, etc. Concerned third parties must be contacted for purchases made through them.

Step 3:

  • The proprietor will take one week to credit the refund after the returned products are received by them, excluding shipping charges.

  • Your name, details regarding the location of residence, purchase location, date, and order number are considered important for the product registration.

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What is covered under the Dango Products Warranty?

Dango Products provides a lifetime or limited warranty that covers defects in both materials and workmanship. This warranty specifically applies to original, unaltered, and unmodified materials and workmanship.

  • 1-year warranty on Dango Watches

What is NOT covered under the Dango Products Warranty?

The warranty excludes coverage for instances of abuse, misuse, or typical wear and tear. Any damage resulting from inadequately fastening the strap and/or locking mechanism is also not covered by the warranty. Likewise, damage stemming from improper sealing of the case back and/or crown is not eligible for warranty coverage.

About Dango Products

Established in 2015, Dango Products was founded with clear objectives: to deliver thoughtfully crafted products to customers, pushing boundaries in manufacturing, design, and communication. Dango Products is committed to enhancing the essence of everyday carry items, redefining them without unnecessary overhaul. They aim to elevate these products with contemporary aesthetics and durable materials. Influenced by mobility and modularity, their designs strike a balance between ruggedness and sleek minimalism. Proudly manufactured in the USA, many of Dango's products undergo meticulous crafting and hands-on expertise.

Products of Dango Products

Wallets Watches Belts Phone Cases Pens Notebooks Phone Cases

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