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3 Simple Steps for Danby Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You ought to register your product when you are about to claim the warranty for Danby appliances.

  • Danby encourages you to register your appliance at the time of purchase to guarantee that you receive the same consistent care that your product was designed and built with.

  • In the highly unlikely event that a safety notice is ever issued, they will promptly contact you upon registration. Your safety and the safety of your product are of utmost importance.

  • After giving your model and serial number, the retailer's name, date, and price of purchase you should provide your personal details along with proof of purchase.

Step 2:

  • If you've acquired a GD Midea-manufactured dehumidifier under the Danby brand, they kindly request you to check the official website or contact the helpline to verify whether your unit is impacted.

  • GD Midea offers a partial refund or a replacement unit to buyers of these dehumidifiers based on the unit's age, provided consumers agree to take these products out of service.

Step 3:

  • Filling out your information in the contact form will enable them to promptly get in touch with you. The identical information has to be provided as you provided during registration, but some additional information about product type, warranty, or registration number and your inquiry should be given along with those details.

  • For customers who have not registered their products on the Silhouette Appliances website, they will need to complete the separate form provided below.

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What is covered under the Danby Warranty?

The products are warranted to be free from the manufacturer's defects in both material and workmanship, on the condition that the unit is used in accordance with the intended normal operating conditions as specified by the manufacturer. This warranty is applicable exclusively to the original purchaser of the unit from Danby Products Limited (Canada) or Danby Products Inc. (U.S.A.), or an authorized distributor of Danby, and it cannot be transferred to others. The warranty covers any functional components of the product that are discovered to be defective, and these will either be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the warrantor, at no cost to the original buyer. Danby retains the right to restrict the scope of "In Home Service" to the proximity of an authorized service depot. If any appliance requires service beyond the specified boundaries of "In-Home Service," it is the responsibility of the consumer to transport it, at their own expense, to the original point of purchase or a designated service depot for repair.

  • 30-day limited warranty on plastic parts from the date of purchase

  • 1-year limited warranty on any functional parts

What is NOT covered under the Danby Warranty?

The warranty explicitly does not cover any consequential damages resulting from the unit's malfunction. By purchasing the unit, the buyer agrees to indemnify and release Danby from any claims for damages to individuals or property caused by the unit. There are no other warranties, conditions, representations, or guarantees, whether express or implied, established or intended by Danby or its authorized distributors. This includes all warranties, conditions, representations, or guarantees under any Sale of Goods Act or similar legislation or statute, which are expressly excluded. The warranty or insurance contained within this document does not apply in the following circumstances: power failure, damage during transportation or relocation of the appliance, improper power supply such as low voltage, faulty house wiring, or inadequate fuses, accidents, alterations, abuse, or misuse of the appliance, such as insufficient air circulation in the room or extreme operating conditions, usage for commercial or industrial purposes (if the appliance is not installed in a domestic residence), incidents like fire, water damage, theft, war, riot, acts of nature such as hurricanes or floods, service calls that result in customer education, and improper installation. Transportation charges to and from the service location are not
protected by this warranty and are the responsibility of the purchaser.

About Danby

More than 75 years ago, Danby was founded with a modest goal: to craft genuinely groundbreaking appliances that would provide extensive product capabilities for those living in smaller spaces. Similar to your approach, they have adapted to changing times by consistently enhancing the functionality and innovative aspects of their products. This ensures that their products not only have an appealing appearance but are also constructed with exceptional quality.

Products of Danby

Air Purifiers Dehumidifiers Mini-Split Systems Heaters HumidifiersIce Makers Kegerators Wine Coolers Dryers Washing Machines Toaster Ovens Compact Refrigerators

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