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Step 1:

  • Please reach out to the customer support team by using the provided form or your phone for any issues. The contact page features two distinct forms: one for sales support and another for service inquiries.

  • If you are looking to have your product serviced, please fill out the name, email address, company name, machine type, and message fields in the form.

Step 2:

  • Numerous solutions to the questions can be found in the FAQs section. As you continue scrolling down, you will find topics that have been covered.

  • In the event that you are not able to locate the exact answer you need, call the number at the top of the page.

Step 3:

  • To qualify for the limited warranty, you must provide proof of purchase, as well as a validated serial number. Otherwise, you are not qualified to claim the warranty.

  • Visit the official website to have a look over the manual spec sheets, warranty details, the latest products released by them, and owner benefits.

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What is covered under the Crossover 2.0 Warranty?

Laundrylux extends a limited warranty to the initial owner of the Crossover washer under specific conditions. This warranty is applicable when the washer is installed, maintained, and operated in accordance with the provided or available instructions. Laundrylux commits to replacing, free of charge, any of the specified parts that may fail due to material or manufacturing defects, within the warranty periods detailed below. These periods begin from the date of purchase or 90 days after the item's manufacture, whichever is later.

Laundrylux's warranty covers all new Crossover dryers and their original components for a duration of 3 years from the date of sale, with the exception of cases where this period exceeds 3-1/2 years from the date of manufacturing. It is important to note that all Crossover equipment and parts are intended for light commercial use exclusively. Furthermore, this warranty applies exclusively to the original purchaser of Crossover products and to individuals who, as per relevant state laws, are recognized as third-party beneficiaries with the right to rely on these terms.

  • 1-year limited parts warranty on coin meters and debit card readers sold by Laundrylux as original equipment for Crossover washers

  • 3-year limited parts warranty on all washer parts

  • 5-year bumper-to-bumper parts warranty

  • 5-year limited parts warranty on the outer cylinder, bearings, seals, and steel cabinet panels against rust-through from the inside out

  • 10-year limited parts warranty on the stainless steel cylinder against rust through

What is NOT covered under the Crossover 2.0 Warranty?

Laundrylux shall not be held responsible for any property damage incurred by a third-party beneficiary, in cases where the relevant state law considers such liability but allows for its exclusion. The warranty will not be valid if the product is installed improperly.

About Crossover 2.0

Crossover 2.0 is meticulously designed to meet the highest specifications, ensuring years of trouble-free performance for coin-operated laundries. If you've ever found yourself replacing laundry machines more often than desired or dealing with more service calls and repairs than expected, then Crossover is the ideal solution for your coin laundry requirements. The semi-professional Crossover washer not only reduces the overall cost of ownership but also outperforms other budget home appliance-style brands available in the market. Crossover is engineered to deliver over 15,000 cycles, which is more than twice the durability of competing products.

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