3 Simple Steps for Cross Pens Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • It looks like Cross Pens has provided a unique form for each warranty policy; nonetheless, the fields in the form are similar. The form contains information such as personal, pen, residential, and credit card to be completed. A maximum of two products can be added.

  • When you submit each warranty item, you will be charged twenty dollars for shipping and handling fees. Cross cannot replace a product without proof of shipment. Having the warranty claim ID and email address, you can check the status of the warranty claim.

Step 2:

  • Whether you want to exchange or return, please initiate the return process within thirty days from the purchase date if you are not happy with the product. Customer support will provide the return form, which will be useful in getting a return label.

  • You will not be able to return any engraved or customized products. A 30-day time period after receiving the products is taken to credit the refund without adding shipping charges.

Step 3:

  • Securely pack your product in a robust container with ample padding to shield it from potential damage during transit. All shipping containers and packing materials are disposed of upon receipt.

  • The contact page includes the store locator, international distributor, refill finder tool, order tracking, and warranty status.

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Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 5pm(EST)

Contact Address

299 Promenade Street,
Providence, Rhode Island-02908,

What is covered under the Cross Pens Warranty?

All products are unequivocally guaranteed against mechanical failure, irrespective of their age. A.T. Cross reserves the right to assess whether the item is defective and may, at its discretion, replace it with a similar or equivalent item.

  • 2-year leather warranty on all cross-branded leather accessories and journals

  • Lifetime mechanical warranty on writing instruments

What is NOT covered under the Cross Pens Warranty?

Exclusions from the warranty encompass normal wear and tear, stains, discolorations, or scratches. Any damage resulting from accidents, fire, theft, flood, or other causes beyond our control is not covered. Additionally, damage caused by ink leaks onto textiles, apparel, or other personal property, as well as damage due to misuse, abuse, and/or negligence, is not covered. The warranty does not extend to damage resulting from repairs or manipulations carried out by unauthorized or non-qualified repair/service personnel. Other exclusions include exhausted leads, erasers, and ink refills during normal use, as well as damage to fountain pen nibs, emblems, and other customized decorations. Furthermore, damage caused by the use of refills or ink cartridges other than those produced by Cross is not covered.

About Cross Pens

A.T. Cross Company, LLC, situated in Providence, Rhode Island, is a historic American manufacturing company specializing in writing implements. Established in 1846, it stands as one of the oldest pen manufacturers globally. Cross' diverse product range encompasses fountain, ballpoint, and rollerball pens, as well as mechanical pencils and refills. The company extends its offerings to include accessories like cases and wallets for these items. Renowned for its writing instrument lines, Cross has a legacy that traces back to mechanical pencils, and it notably introduced the first stylographic pens, a precursor to the modern ballpoint pen, in 1879.

Products of Cross Pens

Ballpoint Pens Fountain Pens Rollerball Pens Erasers Multi-Function Pens

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