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3 Simple Steps for Cooper Tire Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You are requested to register your tire information in the Cooper Tires Registration Form to claim your warranty. To initiate the warranty process, you must furnish the Cooper Tires registration form received from the dealer and the DOT numbers located on your tires.

  • By providing this information, they can reach out to you if there is a product safety-related recall and they want to emphasize that they will not employ this information for marketing purposes.

Step 2:

  • You should fill in the required fields like name, address where you reside, Email address, phone number, and other important details asked by them. Furthermore, the name of the store and its address, tire information, quantity, and DOT numbers are required. 

  • The DOT or serial number commences with the "DOT" letters and is followed by an alphanumeric sequence that can extend up to 13 characters. You can find the DOT number on the tire's sidewall.

Step 3:

  • To ask questions or share you feedback you have on them just pick up your phone and call Customer Team. 

  • Follow them on social media to stay tuned for the latest news, promotions, and events. They are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Findlay, OH 45840,

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What is covered under the Cooper Tire Warranty?

This warranty is intended for the initial purchaser of a new Cooper® passenger or light truck tire and cannot be transferred. To qualify, the tires must be purchased new and installed on the vehicle for which they were originally intended. Proof of purchase is mandatory for all warranty claims. Furthermore, the tires must match or exceed the size, load index, and speed rating specified by the vehicle manufacturer. This warranty is applicable within the 48 contiguous continental United States, as well as in Alaska, Hawaii, the District of Columbia, and Canada.

  • 45-Days Satisfaction Guarantee

What is NOT covered under the Cooper Tire Warranty?

This warranty program does not engulf conditions arising from road hazards and it is not applicable to irregular, cupped, patchy, or feathered tread wear resulting from improper installation, wheel misalignment, tire/wheel assembly imbalance, inappropriate rim usage, incorrect mounting or dismounting, misapplication, or the use of tire chains. It also excludes conditions stemming from consumer-induced damage, such as inadequate tire and vehicle maintenance, improper usage, abuse, accidents, fires, chemical corrosion, underinflation, overloading, excessive deflection, and failure to adhere to recommended rotation practices. Ride-related complaints beyond the first 2/32” (1.6mm) of tread wear, including those within the initial 45-day Road Test period, as well as complaints related to tires labeled as "Blemish," are not covered. This warranty does not apply to tires used in commercial services (e.g., taxi, delivery) except for select sizes of Cooper Discoverer® HT3. It also excludes tires used in racing or off-road applications, ozone or weather checking on tires aged over four years from the date of manufacture or purchase, tires stored improperly, and tires branded as "MALWEAR" or "NON-UNIF" (Non-Uniform), or any other branding not covered by the Tread Wear Protection outlined herein.

About Cooper Tire

Cooper Tires is an American corporation that focuses on the creation, production, promotion, and sale of replacement automobile and truck tires. It also has subsidiary divisions specializing in medium trucks, motorcycles, and racing tires. Across its global network of subsidiary companies, Cooper Tire operates 60 facilities dedicated to manufacturing, sales, distribution, technical expertise, and tire design. One of its subsidiaries, the UK-based Avon Tyres brand, produces tires for motorcycles, passenger vehicles, and race cars.

Products of Cooper Tire

Truck Tires SUV Tires Car Tires Minivan Tires

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