• 10 Oct, 2023

If you intend to register a Contigo product and initiate a warranty claim, here's a concise guide outlining the necessary actions to follow.

3 Simple Steps for Contigo Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • The products that you purchased need to be enrolled to commence the warranty claim process. Without completing product registration, you can't proceed further. This Registration will guide them to support you and facilitate a faster resolution.

  • The crucial fields are your name, email, residential address, phone number, and the comment box. The file size must not go beyond the specified limit, and the accepted file formats include PDF, TXT, DOC, DOCX, JPG, PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

Step 2:

  • Providing both a well-defined product image and an image illustrating the issue will enable their team to expedite the assessment of your concern and promptly deliver a resolution.

  • Once they have received the information and photos, the support team will reach out to you within ten to fifteen days with the results of your claim.

  • As their inventory undergoes regular updates, there might be situations where they cannot offer an identical replacement for your product concerning color or model.

  • In such cases, they will endeavor to provide a suitable substitute that closely matches your original product, which could involve a slight variation in color or a model with similar features.

Step 3:

  • As Contigo products fall under Newell Brands, just getting in touch with the customer support team might be a cakewalk. Kindly choose an option from the dropdown menu below to visit the brand's website.

  • Before using their products, take the time to thoroughly review the provided instructions on how to properly use items such as water bottles and more. Understanding the guidance they provide is essential for a safe and effective experience with their products.

Contact Address

1944b S Santa Fe Avenue,
Vista, California-92083,

What is covered under the Contigo Warranty?

The warranty scheme applies exclusively to the original end-user purchaser, extending for the duration of either the purchase date or the delivery date to the original end-user purchaser, whichever is longer, throughout the specified limited warranty period. To avail of warranty services, it's imperative to provide evidence of both the purchase and the delivery date, especially if they differ from each other. This warranty encompasses material issues, workmanship issues, and defects in the products.

  • 2-year limited lifetime warranty

What is NOT covered under the Contigo Warranty?

The warranty policy explicitly excludes coverage for any incidental or consequential damages, or losses in profits that may arise from the distribution or utilization of, or the inability to utilize, the content or materials found on this website, even if we have been previously informed of the potential for such damages. Depending on the applicable law, there may be restrictions on limiting or excluding liability for incidental or consequential damages, and as a result, the aforementioned limitation might not be applicable to your particular situation.

About Contigo

Contigo is an innovative and proactive company, dedicated to crafting products that enhance the ease, convenience, and safety of everyday drinking experiences. Fueled by a commitment to innovation, they design intelligent and user-friendly solutions that seamlessly adapt to your on-the-go lifestyle, no matter where your day takes you. While your Contigo water bottle or mug may seem like a small part of your daily routine, it can make a significant difference, elevating your day from good to exceptional. That's what sets Contigo apart—the Contigo Difference.

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