3 Simple Steps for Chord Electronics Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Please ensure that you yourself register your product right after you make the purchase. Approximately, you may have to spend one minute to finish all the fields in the form. As soon as the registration is done, the manufacturer will send you after-sales support.

  • Your investment is shielded through registration. For this process, your personal, product, contact, retailer, residential, and additional information are required.

Step 2:

  • It is crucial to note that registration is not a compulsory process, but the provided information will assist you when you initiate a warranty claim because all data are stored by Chord Electronics.

  • The original invoice or sales receipt will be requested by the seller when you contact them for warranty repair services. You may be charged if you fail to do so or provide incomplete documents.

  • Chord Electronics will retain ownership of the replaced part or product exchanged during service, whereas the replacement part or product will be transferred into your ownership.

Step 3:

  • The customer support team tends to get back to you within 48 hours. Moreover, they will receive your comments and feedback with a smiling face. Like the enrollment form, you have to fill out the form in the contact section.

  • You will have a clear understanding of the product's functions and uses after you go through the FAQs, where you can find an extensive range of answers to the queries.

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What is covered under the Chord Electronics Warranty?

The warranty period for Chord Electronics products commences on the date when the specific unit was initially delivered to you by an authorized Chord Electronics retailer. It is recommended that you keep a receipt or any other proof of purchase as verification of the date and place of purchase. The duration of the warranty period varies depending on the product. For specific details, please consult the warranty information provided with your purchase or reach out to Chord Electronics directly. It's important to note that the warranty period does not impact your statutory rights. Chord Electronics promises that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship as of the purchase date. Within a reasonable time after the return of the product during its warranty period, Chord Electronics will undertake adjustments, repairs, or replacements free of charge.

  • 6-month guarantee on non-warranty repairs

What is NOT covered under the Chord Electronics Warranty?

The warranty does not extend to periodic maintenance and repair or parts replacement due to wear and tear, as well as consumables such as non-rechargeable batteries. It also excludes damage or defects caused by the product's use, operation, or treatment inconsistent with normal personal or domestic use. This encompasses misuse, including treatment resulting in physical, cosmetic, or surface damage, failure to install or use the product according to Chord Electronics' instructions, and neglecting proper maintenance. Additionally, the warranty does not cover virus infections, use of the product with unauthorized software, or with accessories, peripheral equipment, and other products not prescribed by Chord Electronics. Unauthorized repair attempts by non-authorized service centers, adjustments or adaptations without Chord Electronics' prior written consent, neglect, accidents, exposure to fire, liquids, chemicals, flooding, vibrations, excessive heat, improper ventilation, power surges, incorrect supply or input voltage, radiation, electrostatic discharges (including lightning), and other external forces and impacts are also excluded from warranty coverage.
The warranty for any product will become void if there are alterations, deletions, removals, or illegibility in the model name or serial number on the product.

About Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics UK first took flight from the aviation world, where engineering without limits means uncompromising standards. The concept designed by company owner John Franks has helped shape their philosophy since the company’s inception in 1989. Their reputation within the professional world generated demand for a domestic range encompassing the design, engineering, and build standards demanded of the finest pro equipment. Today, they apply proprietary technologies to all of their British-made products and proudly deliver studio-grade audio performance across the entire Chord range.

Products of Chord Electronics

Streamers Phonostages Upscalers Integrated Amplifiers Preamplifiers

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