3 Simple Steps for CHANEL Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • At the bottom of the official page, you can find an account option. This allows you to create an account by providing your personal data, and no fields can be skipped. creating an account will enhance your shopping experience, making it more personalized and enabling faster online checkouts.

  • The status of the online care request can be tracked in case you have submitted your product for maintenance or service. Email ID and request number are vital in the tracking process.

  • CHANEL ensures the meticulous care of all the products it offers by entrusting them to a team of experts.

Step 2:

  • You have the right to return all of your products, or parts thereof, within 14 days from the date of shipment. You need to complete the form provided for the return process in the package and the prepaid mailing label given by CHANEL has to be attached to the outer surface of the package.

  • Individuals with existing accounts can readily download the form from the official website. Unused or scarcely used products must be returned in their original packaging. CHANEL will refund the amount for the returned products if all returning instructions are followed.

Step 3:

  • CHANEL's customer care services are readily accessible to assist you throughout the weekdays, ensuring your questions and concerns are addressed efficiently and promptly.

  • Whether you want to locate a store, view the collections, or learn about their services, simply refer to the FAQs page.

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What is covered under the CHANEL Warranty?

Under the warranty period, CHANEL offers the option to either repair or replace a variety of components, including metal parts like chains, clasps, eyelets, and more, as well as handles, bag straps, tabs, and leather flaps. Additionally, they extend this service to seams, zippers, and decorative ornaments. If any of these components are found to be defective you are eligible to claim the warranty.

  • 5-year warranty on handbags or wallets on chain

What is NOT covered under the CHANEL Warranty?

The warranty offered does not extend coverage to instances of damage caused by misuse, abuse, falls, impacts, or any use that deviates from the care instructions provided with each Product. Additionally, it does not encompass wear and tear on elements, such as leather, corners, seams, or materials that may naturally undergo alterations due to friction, contact with other materials, or exposure to external conditions. The repair or replacement of Products resulting from usage not specifically intended by CHANEL is not covered. Similarly, any damages or replacements arising from external events like civil unrest, fires, or floods are excluded from the warranty. Furthermore, the warranty does not apply to elements of products that have been altered or repaired by any third party other than CHANEL and its authorized service providers. If adhering to the warranty terms would result in a violation of applicable laws and/or regulations, the warranty may not be performed. It is important to note that any expenses related to shipping, transit, or returns, as well as any other costs, are the responsibility of the client. In cases where international shipping is involved, the client is also accountable for compliance with import/export obligations and for covering associated duties and taxes. The term "Client" pertains to any individual personally utilizing the product.


Founded in 1910 by Coco Chanel in Paris, CHANEL stands as a prominent French luxury fashion house. Privately owned by the Wertheimer family, the brand has had its headquarters in London since 2018. CHANEL specializes in women's ready-to-wear, luxury goods, and accessories, and it has entered into a licensing agreement with Luxottica for its eyewear line. Notably, CHANEL is renowned for its iconic No. 5 perfume and the classic "Chanel Suit." The brand is credited with revolutionizing haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion by replacing structured and corseted silhouettes with more functional and flattering garments for women. Among CHANEL's offerings, cosmetics are the most widely accessible, with counters in department stores worldwide.

Products of CHANEL

High Jewelry Fine Jewelry Watches Eyewear Lipstick Liquid lipsticks Lipgloss Lip Liner Lip Balm

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