3 Simple Steps for Catalano Interiors Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • The delivery date of the products at your doorstep will be considered as the beginning date of the warranty period. When you make a warranty claim, you should provide them with invoices and receipts.

  • The house calls, freight, and labor costs have to be paid separately by the customers in addition to the purchase price and they never come under warranty coverage.

Step 2:

  • The head office of Catalano Interiors must be contacted to make a warranty claim. The contact section provides you with the office's address, email, phone number, and working hours information.

  • No one can transfer the warranty to others and it is for the original purchaser mentioned in the original sales order. The products used for non-residential purposes cannot be claimed under this warranty scheme.

Step 3:

  • The deciding power about whether the claim is due to wear and tear or a manufacturing fault rests in the hands of Catalano Interiors. You have seven days from the date the defects have been discovered to inform the manufacturer.

  • If the purchaser collected the goods from Catalano Interiors, they are responsible for returning the goods at their own expense. Prior to returning the goods, the purchaser should coordinate with Catalano Interiors to arrange the return.

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Phone Number

+61 1300 228 252

Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm

Contact Address

160 Fulham Road,
Alphington, VIC-3078,

What is covered under the Catalano Interiors Warranty?

The warranty remains applicable solely in instances where a failure or defect arises from a manufacturing fault. It is restricted to the replacement and/or repair of the faulty part or component.

  • 12-month warranty on case goods

  • 24-month warranty on lounges

What is NOT covered under the Catalano Interiors Warranty?

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, such as fabric pilling, fading, or general deterioration of the product or its components. Additionally, damages resulting from improper use, cleaning, negligence, or mishandling of the products are excluded. This includes damages caused by modifications, alterations, improper assembly, or use of the products in a manner not intended by Catalano Interiors. Exposure to sunlight, extreme temperatures, or unauthorized chemicals/agents is also not covered. Furthermore, defects in products sold "As is," which have been disclosed to you, are not eligible for warranty claims. Lastly, damages incurred during relocation from the original delivery address are not covered.

About Catalano Interiors

Catalano Interiors Australia is a family-owned enterprise boasting over fifty years of expertise in the furniture sector. The company holds the belief that quality furniture transforms a mere house into a cherished home. Beyond aesthetics, furniture serves as an investment, expected to endure and maintain its allure for years to come. At the helm of Catalano Interiors is Joe, the eldest son of Frank, alongside Joe’s children: Domenic, Frank, Adrian, and Cristina—the third generation of Catalanos dedicated to the furniture industry. They are committed to upholding the family legacy by offering affordable furniture characterized by clear design principles and a focus on resilient materials.

Products of Catalano Interiors

Sofas Chairs Desks Mirrors Dining Tables

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