3 Simple Steps for Brodware Tapware Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Making a registration of your warranty will extend your warranty after your standard warranty period is over. The form is provided with the inclusion of your name, residential address, and email with merchant and installer details to be completed.

  • The receipt has to be uploaded after being properly scanned. The extended warranty will apply to the products bought on or after March 1, 2014, in accordance with the following warranty conditions.

Step 2:

  • You can prefer either email or postal address to make the written warranty claim to Brodware. You will have to contact the company when the merchants authorized by Brodware, from whom you made the purchase, have been closed permanently.

  • In line with Brodware's dedication to ongoing enhancement, Brodware retains the authority to modify its products at any point and provide an alternative product. You will be charged a service fee for each call out to the product's installation location.

Step 3:

  • Brodware will not assume responsibility for any consequential damage or associated costs incurred in cases where there is insufficient access to products. The modifications to the products at any time and supply an alternative product can be made by the manufacturer.

  • Before uploading a file, a form on the contact page has to be completed to get in touch with the customer support team. The file size should be within 7 MB and in either any one of the mentioned formats.

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What is covered under the Brodware Tapware Warranty?

The extended warranty offered by Brodware Pty Ltd applies to their products. Within the initial five years from the purchase date, covered by this warranty, Brodware will undertake repair or, if necessary, replacement of the product, including labor costs. Beyond the initial five-year period, the warranty will cover replacement parts only for up to 20 years from the date of purchase. The extended warranty is solely applicable to the initial purchaser and cannot be transferred to another party.

  • 5-year standard warranty

What is NOT covered under the Brodware Tapware Warranty?

The warranty provided by Brodware will become void under various circumstances: if the products are not installed or repaired by a licensed plumber or electrician accredited by Brodware; if they are not installed according to relevant National Standards and State Regulations or the manufacturer’s installation instructions; if water pressures or temperatures exceed specified limits; if isolation stop taps are not fitted as per the manufacturer’s instructions; if other devices are fitted to the outlet of tapware; if products are used with water additives or for incorrect applications such as non-potable water; if there is fair wear and tear or non-approved modifications; if products are damaged due to inadequate flushing of the system before use or problems caused by foreign matter in the water supply; if outlet aerator inserts in tapware and shower heads are not regularly cleaned or replaced; if damage occurs due to accidental damage, misuse, harsh weather conditions, or neglect; if non-Brodware accessories or replacement parts not approved in writing by Brodware are attached; if flow regulators or check valves are not installed where required; if surface finishes are damaged due to improper materials, cleaning products, cleaning methods, external impact, or hard water effects; and if manufacturer’s maintenance and care instructions are not followed or if the product warranty registration form is not lodged with Brodware.

About Brodware Tapware

Brodware endeavors to unite authentic materials, meticulous craftsmanship, exquisite proportions, and expert detailing to fashion personalized and opulent settings. Their tapware, fittings, and accessories manifest as dynamic three-dimensional shapes that impart graceful silhouettes, intricate detailing, and significance to any environment. Serving as functional sculptures, they transcend mere style enhancement, turning spaces into personal sanctuaries. Whether selecting a complete master bathroom suite or individual pieces, opting for Brodware signifies embracing character, versatility, and meticulous attention to detail—essential elements for materializing your envisioned space. Brodware remains steadfast in pushing the boundaries of bathroom possibilities, seamlessly blending elegant functionality with an aura of effortlessness.

Products of Brodware Tapware

Nanobar Wall Taps Nanobar Shelves Nanobar Shower Sets Yokato Wall Spouts Yokato Bath Mixer Sets

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