3 Simple Steps for Carpet Court Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • You are recommended to visit the customer support page for any matters, such as obtaining quotes, inquiries related to products, filing a complaint, or expressing appreciation through the form with a few details to be completed.

  • For more details regarding each product's warranty, as it differs, going to the closest store for further help would be the best option to learn about the warranty rules and regulations.

Step 2:

  • The FAQs section will advise you on how to request quotes and enlighten you about the types of flooring available, installation, purchasing, measuring, and buying products online and in-store.

  • To prevent confusion among customers, they have implemented store-finding options to simplify your navigation.

Step 3:

  • Visit their website to discover information about their services, the latest products, and the variety of products manufactured by Carpet Court.

  • Switch your warranty claim to our talented Warranty Valet customer support team members, who have experience in handling numerous issues.

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Phone Number

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Building 2, Level 1,
195 Wellington Road, Clayton-3168,

What is covered under the Carpet Court Warranty?

The warranty extends to the original purchaser. If a builder or developer acquires the flooring, the occupant of the residential home is eligible for coverage under this warranty 12 months after the flooring's initial purchase, effective from that date. The warranty specifically addresses wear through of the surface of the floor in a single area greater than 4cm2 within 15 years. It is essential to adhere to the Maintenance Guidelines consistently after the installation of your flooring.

  • 15-year residential wear warranty

What is NOT covered under the Carpet Court Warranty?

The warranty explicitly excludes coverage for wear directly associated with water or liquid damage from any source, moisture ingress into the core, or indentations. It does not cover wear related to improper installation or maintenance, intentional or accidental damage caused by water, abuse, misuse, stiletto heels, dragged objects, heavy furniture, sand, stones, castor wheels, dropped items, etc. Additionally, scratches, surface marks, stains, labor charges for rectification work (except in some cases at the distributor's authorized representative's discretion), and any costs associated with rectification work other than the supply of new flooring and scotia beading, if necessary, are not covered by this warranty. Expenses such as repainting, removal of fixtures or furniture, accommodation, and any other costs are explicitly excluded. Boards that are visibly faulty or deemed visually or structurally inappropriate prior to installation should not be installed and are therefore not covered by this warranty or any other warranty to the extent allowed by law.

About Carpet Court

Carpet Court boasts an expanding network comprising over 200 stores across every state and territory. All these stores take pride in being Australian, being locally owned and operated. In many instances, store owners are actively involved in day-to-day operations. This hands-on approach ensures dedicated efforts to provide you with precisely what you desire at the most competitive prices. Carpet Court has built a longstanding reputation for offering expertise and advice rooted in superior product knowledge.

Products of Carpet Court

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