3 Simple Steps for Bristan Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Registration is almost similar for all products, and you need to enter the name of the product for the form to appear. The form needs to be completed by providing the date of the purchase, proof of purchase, retailer's name, and other vital details.

  • Registration assists you in identifying your product and obtaining the finest guidance whenever you have queries after the installation is done.

Step 2:

  • In instances where the product is utilized for commercial or non-domestic purposes, including but not limited to leisure centers, sports clubs, hotels, and business-operated premises, the guarantee period is shortened to one year.

  • Only the original purchaser is eligible to claim the warranty. Any repairs covered by this guarantee do not extend the original expiration date.

  • The guarantee for any replacement parts or the product itself concludes at the original expiration date.

Step 3:

  • Starting April 1, 2021, the guarantees for their kitchen and bathroom tap ranges have been extended from 5 to 10 years. The updated guarantee is applicable to eligible kitchen and bathroom taps bought after this specified date.

  • Outstanding customer service from the knowledgeable customer support team members will address your issues. Additionally, you can obtain spare parts for your products with just a single click.

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What is covered under the Bristan Warranty?

The entire product range comes with a guarantee, with most covering both parts and labor. It's essential to keep in mind that proof of purchase is necessary for the guarantee to be valid. Furthermore, the guarantee is specifically applicable to products exhibiting manufacturing faults.

  • 1-year guarantee on labour

  • 1-year guarantee on parts for commercial taps and showers

  • 3-year guarantee on parts for shower pumps

  • 5-year guarantee on parts for mixer shower valves and accessories

  • 10-year guarantee on parts for bathroom, kitchen taps, and mixer taps

What is NOT covered under the Bristan Warranty?

The guarantee provided does not extend to damage or defects resulting from incorrect installation, repairs carried out using non-Bristan parts, accidental or intentional misuse, corrosion caused by the use of unsuitable cleaning products, the accumulation of system debris, including limescale build-up (which can be mitigated through regular servicing and maintenance). Furthermore, products are not covered by the guarantee if they have not been or are not used in accordance with their intended purpose, and solely for indoor use unless expressly specified by the manufacturer for outdoor use. The guarantee does not include compensation for the loss of product use or any consequential losses.

About Bristan

With a history spanning over four decades, Bristan UK has been dedicated to crafting products that effortlessly simplify everyday life. From showers that seamlessly combine style with everyday functionality to the introduction of their extended 10-year guarantee on taps, Bristan's products have found a place in the homes of one in every five British households.

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