3 Simple Steps for Braun Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Please create your user account on their website. It is free and can help you keep a record of your product purchases on their website. It will also help you receive updates about their latest product and offers. You will just require your name, email address, and a strong password to create one.

  • Furthermore, They don’t follow product registration procedures. Hence you can consider Warranty Valet to store and access all your product and its warranty details whenever and wherever necessary.

Step 2:

  • All their products have predefined warranty plans that differ from one to the other. It is always recommended to check the specific warranty details of the product to know more accurate details. You can use their website or manuals provided along with the product for the purpose.

  • You can consider troubleshooting the product before the warranty claim to resolve the issue if it is minor.

  • You can either contact their support through calls with all necessary proofs in hand or register for a service on their website. You will have to select your device followed by troubleshooting it, register for a service and provide contact details to initiate the process. The type number asked in the procedure can be found on the device itself as every product has a printed type number in its body.

  • They will provide you with an RMA number after evaluating your issue. You will then have to ship the product to their place with the proof of purchase, and your return authorization number. Their team will fix the issue and ship it back to you.

Step 3:

  • The customer support of Braun goes above and beyond to help you by any means. Their ultimate aim is to resolve your issue or concern at the earliest possible time.

  • They maintain special pages to educate you on their products and services like FAQs and user manual download pages that will have a solution for most of your common queries. Additionally, They maintain pages to find the authorized service center near you.

  • Please consider jumping on a call or chatting with them to get immediate responses.

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Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm(CST)

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United States of America.

What is covered under the Braun Warranty?

Braun always warrants all of their products to be free from any form of defect in workmanship and material for the promised period of time only to the original purchaser. It is applicable immediat;ley form the date of purchase of the product. Any product finalized defective in the period, Braun at its sole discretion will either repair or replace the product at their sole discretion without charge. You can have the consumer right in the warranty claim along with other specific rights that may differ from one state/province to the other.

  • 1-year limited warranty on Braun IPL/Epilator

  • 2-year limited warranty on Braun Shaver/Trimmer

What is NOT covered under the Braun Warranty?

Braun’s limited warranty does not cover damages or defects due to misuse; no proper maintenance & care; accident; dirt, water, tampering, unreasonable use and services performed or attempted by unauthorized service agencies. They also strictly reject any product that is purchased from unauthorized sellers including unauthorized internet sites as they cannot control the quality of products in the case. They are also not liable for any consequential or incidental damages associated with the product in any case.

About Braun

Many people in the world claim Braun products make life better. It is because of the trust created by the brand with reliable products with no compromise in quality. Their expert knowledge in a variety of disciplines is the key to this strong customer base who always believes in the brand and their products. Being an iconic design brand for decades, Braun has a rich cultural legacy that continues to inspire. Anu youngster who is largely conscious about presenting themselves must try Braun products at least once in their life!

Products of Braun

Series 9 Pro+ Electric Shaver Series 9 Electric Shaver Beard Trimmers Hair Clippers Body Groomers

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