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3 Simple Steps for TAMKO Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Tamko wants all of their customers to hold a user account on their website. You will have to get in touch with Tamko account representatives to create one. It is always advised to do it while purchasing the product. They have certain guidelines to be followed even for password creation.

  • You can also consider Warranty Valet as we are another hassle-free and user-friendly service to store and access your warranty details whenever and wherever necessary. We also have experts who have expertise in warranty claims and bring only positive results for you.

Step 2:

  • Tamko has various warranty plans each having its own terms that are designed according to the application and specification of the product. It always differs from one product to the other.

  • Any defect found should be claimed within the first 30 days of discovery to leverage all the benefits on the warranty claim.

  • You can easily initiate the claim by sending an email to their support with the address of the property where the product is installed; including county, full legal name of the property owner; mailing address for the property owner, if different than the property address; phone number & email address for property owners; name & purchase date of product in question along with the brief description of the issue you are experiencing with your product.

  • Their warranty service representatives will evaluate your issue and email you back with the necessary details of processes to proceed further in the claim.

Step 3:

  • The customer support of Tamko is the best in the business. They are always there to help you sort out all issues and concerns you have with their products and services irrespective of the degree.

  • Make use of their contact form to have a quicker response. You will have to provide your personal details along with your detailed address including city, state and zip code along with the subject and detailed description of your concern.

  • Additionally, they maintain many useful pages like Find a contractor, Roof Visualization Help, documents, videos and much more for you to understand more about their product and services.

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    Warranty Now

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Email Support


For further info, Kindly Get in touch with them via this email.

Phone Number


24 X 7

Contact Address

PO Box 97 Galena,
KS 66739-0097,

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What is covered under the TAMKO Warranty?

Any product sold by Tamko will be covered by the warranty plan during the subject term according to its specifications. If it is determined to have manufacturing defects that are directly caused by mistakes. Tamko at its sole discretion will provide only to the first owner with sufficient cover on the defective area free of cost. Any owner claiming should have all the necessary proof required to be eligible for the claim. Tamko always has the right to inspect the product in the claim process within a reasonable time. The owner should cooperate with Tamko with reasonable access to the defect. There are chances of termination of warranty if there is no cooperation from the owner’s end.

  • Tamko Shingles Limited Warranty.

  • Tamko Enhanced Limited Warranty.

  • Tamko Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What is NOT covered under the TAMKO Warranty?

Tamko has limitations on what is not covered by their warranty. On that note, They are not liable for Any White Coatings not used for normal roof applications; faulty or improper application of the coating; coatings not installed or applied in accordance with Tamko written instructions or leaks or damages resulting from any one or more of such causes; damages caused by algae, fungus, moss, overhanging trees, other biological growth, or pollution; removal or disposal of any coatings, or for any costs related to such removal or disposal; removal or abatement of any asbestos present in the roof; damage to any building, either exterior or interior, or any property contained therein or for injuries or damages of any kind whatsoever; damage to the White Coatings as a result of exposure to chemicals, including, but not limited to, paints, aliphatic or aromatic solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, turpentine, oils or organic or inorganic polar materials and leaks or damages resulting from Acts of God (including, but without limitation, lightning, wind, hurricane, tornado, hail, or other violent storm or casualty), impact of objects, damage to the roof due to settlement, distortion, failure or cracking of the roof deck, walls or foundation of the building, or for any defect in or failure of material used as a roof base over which the White Coatings are applied or of other materials used in the application of the roof or for damage by traffic on the roof. Additionally, Damages due to neglect, misuse or improper upkeep and maintenance; buildup of moss, leaves, needles, branches or other debris; insects and/or animals and installation, maintenance or use of equipment installed on the roof, including, but not limited to, air conditioners, heating units, antennas, power lines or solar systems are also excluded.


Since its establishment way back in 1944, Tamko has been a brand that has constantly focussed on innovation and quality in products while building long-standing customer relationships. Only this approach has helped them thrive in the field without over 75 strong years of service in the industry. Their commitment to constantly moving the industry forward with quality building products, including residential and commercial roofing, waterproofing products, and cement and coatings is the only thing that hasn’t changed in this long service. You must consider Tamko for your next roofing solution!

Products of TAMKO

Residential Roofing Low-Slope Commercial Roofing Waterproofing

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