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3 Simple Steps for BlueAnt Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • BlueAnt has registration as the primary process that brings you product tips and absolute promotions. Your name, email, country, product type, and purchase date are marked as essential fields.

  • Mostly, the warranty process is expected to take seven days to get resolved, but it completely depends on the timing of shipping.

Step 2:

  • You can describe the issue you've been facing with customer service via email. The problem could be related to the product, a lack of understanding of the product manual, or if your doubts persist after going through the FAQs.

  • So far, there is no time period followed by BlueAnt to return the products. They take 1-2 business days to answer all your inquiries. You are advised to check the Junk/Spam mail folder if you have not received the response yet.

  • The replacement device is provided for the product that comes under the warranty period, after the return of the BlueAnt device you have, by inspecting your proof of purchase for unresolved or hardware troubles.

Step 3:

  • The customer support team is divided into three categories: technical, sales and distribution, and press. You can pick any one of them and dive in. All categories have similar forms.

  • Defective devices will be promptly replaced, while devices found to be in proper working condition will be promptly returned to the customer.

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Email Support


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Phone Number

1300 669 049

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Contact Address

Suite 6, 861 Doncaster Road,
Doncaster, Victoria-3109,

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What is covered under the BlueAnt Warranty?

BlueAnt limited global warranty covers the products for one year from the initial purchase date by the first consumer. For comprehensive terms and conditions, please consult the official website.

  • 1-year warranty for most of the products

What is NOT covered under the BlueAnt Warranty?

Concerns like a misplaced device or exposure to conditions not intended for, such as immersing a non-waterproof or non-splash-proof device in water, as well as physical damage to the product, fall outside the scope of warranty coverage.

About BlueAnt

BlueAnt Australia is a collective of dedicated music enthusiasts and skilled product creators committed to shaping outstanding audio experiences for the contemporary generation. Their goal is to provide premium features, improved performance, unparalleled value, and products that resonate with users. At BlueAnt, their passion for music propels them forward, and their team of adept designers, audio engineers, musicians, and music enthusiasts collaborates to develop products they would personally enjoy purchasing. Choose BlueAnt to delve into a realm of high-quality audio without sacrificing your budget.

Products of BlueAnt

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