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3 Simple Steps for Axor Faucets Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • To get started on your warranty claim process, it is essential to supply the required details such as an explanation of the defects, the name and address of the initial buyer, and proof of purchase received when the product was purchased.

  • You have to include the above-indicated details with the contact form with the inclusion of your personal information, and a maximum of five files can be uploaded within the fixed size limit of 5 MB for each file.

  • Prior to filling out the form, you should select the type of inquiry you would like to make. The form changes in accordance with the topic you choose. You will be contacted by the customer support team within three days after you send the form to the email below.

Step 2:

  • They must be informed about the defects within two months from the date when the initial end consumer finds the defects in the product manufactured by AXOR or should have acknowledged them within the guarantee duration.

  • Hansgrohe is ready to offer repair, exchange, or reimbursement of the purchase price adhering to the regulations and as per its own discretion under the manufacturer's guarantee policy.

Step 3:

  • The duration of the guarantee will not be prolonged as a result of the services rendered under this manufacturer's warranty, particularly in cases of maintenance or replacement.

  • Demands for compensation for consequential damage or based on product liability will be considered valid only in compliance with obligatory legal regulations.

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What is covered under the Axor Faucets Warranty?

The guarantee provided by the manufacturer is exclusive to the original end consumer and cannot be transferred. If an initial end consumer resells the AXOR product, the warranty does not extend to the new buyer, even if they are also a consumer. AXOR assures the original end consumer that the purchased AXOR product is free from material, manufacturing, and construction defects.

  • 5-year warranty on Single-Hole Faucet 100 with Lever Handle, 0.5 GPM, Single-Hole Faucet 70 with Pop-Up Drain, 1.2 GPM and Single-Hole Faucet 170, 1.2 GPM

What is NOT covered under the Axor Faucets Warranty?

The manufacturer's guarantee does not cover product defects resulting from transportation, installation, or external influences such as impact, blows, or falls. It also excludes defects or damages caused by the seller, installer, or third parties. Normal wear and intentional damage, with contributory negligence offset by agreement in cases of negligent damage, are not covered, including wear-and-tear parts like seals and hoses. Consumable materials like batteries, filters, and aerators, as well as breakage of breakable components such as glass, bulbs, or mirrors, are not included. Slight deviations from the target quality that do not affect the usability of the AXOR product are not covered. Other exclusions encompass entry of dirt, water jets (especially hot water jets), damages from limescale deposits, ice, environmental influences (such as humidity and heat), operating or servicing errors, aggressive environmental influences, chemicals, detergents, excessive or inadequate pressure in the lines, excessive or inadequate voltage in the wiring, and damages caused by force majeure or natural disasters, including but not limited to flooding, lightning, fires, frost damage, or fluctuations in electricity. The guarantee also excludes consequential damages and does not apply to sample or exhibition products, second-choice products, and similar items.

About Axor Faucets

For over 25 years, Axor Faucets has been synonymous with opulent bathroom design, producing mixers, showers, washbasins, bathtubs, accessories, unique items, and comprehensive collections that adhere to the utmost aesthetic and technological benchmarks. Enduring, timeless, and resource-conscious, every AXOR creation is a functional masterpiece—an esteemed design entity. Meticulously crafted with an unyielding focus on detail, from the unparalleled array of personalized finishes, it mirrors the distinct individuality of its possessor.

Products of Axor Faucets

AXOR Starck Classic AXOR Urquiola AXOR Citterio AXOR Edge AXOR Montreux

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