• 11 Aug, 2023

Axis Communications have a revised warranty claim. Here is what you should know,

3 Simple Steps for Axis Communications Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • The newly updated Axis 5-year warranty covers most of its product portfolio. This has been in practice for products that are bought after 1 April 2020. The old 3-year warranty will be continued for the old products.

  • Extension of warranty for old products is also allowed by Axis. This allows you to have trouble free operation for additional years. Within the first six months of the purchase, You will have to order and register the extended warranty.

  • The beauty of the process is that it is free and requires no registration, emails or administration required from your side. There are no hidden charges involved in any of the processes.

Step 2:

  • The original purchaser should notify Axis about any defect that appears in the Axis Hardware in accordance with Axis’ RMA handling without delay. Doing so makes the original purchaser lose the right to have the defect remedied.

  • A valid bill of receipt to represent the purchase with the date must be given to Axis within the warranty period for availing the warranty service.

  • Make sure that the product is purchased from authorized Axis stores to be eligible for the claim.

Step 3:

  • You can always get in touch with Axis Communications support which has a strong technical team to provide effective assistance for your Axis products and solutions.

  • They have a network of engineers who can guide you all your questions and concerns and help you resolve any kind of issue.

Phone Number


Mon-Fri: 24 Hours

Contact Address

No: 300 Apollo Drive Chelmsford,
MA 01824,
United States

What is covered under the Axis Communications Warranty?

Axis Communication warranty ensures that the Axis hardware will be free from defects in design, workmanship and materials under substantiated normal use. Any problem you face in the above-mentioned can be applied to the claim. This warranty is only applicable to the Axis hardware and accessories included that are attested to be the product of Axis Communications from the dealer.

  • 5-Year warranty period.

What is NOT covered under the Axis Communications Warranty?

The warranty is eligible only on proper warehousing, shipment and substantiated normal use of the Axis Hardware. It also rejects the hardware with model or serial number altered, defaced or removed, or to defects attributable to use of the Axis Hardware for a purpose for which it was not designed or intended; faulty maintenance; incorrect installation or faulty repair by any party other than Axis; normal wear and tear or deterioration; modifications to or alterations of the Axis Hardware by any party other than Axis; or misuse, abuse, negligence or accidents.

About Axis Communications

Axis Communications, basically from Sweden is a giant manufacturer of network audio devices, access control, and network cameras for the video surveillance & physical security industries. The firm is operating as an independent subsidiary of Canon Inc. Combining intelligent technology with the imagination of humans to offer solutions for sound, sight and analytics to improve security and optimize business performance is the aim of the company. “Innovating for a smarter & safer world!” is the mission of the team. They provide the best solutions to their customers because they constantly partner with leading industrial experts to evolve them!

Products of Axis Communications

network audio devices access control network cameras

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