3 Simple Steps for Arctic King - Midea Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • The initial step in the process involves registering your products. Additionally, you must furnish your name, email, and physical address, as well as the model and serial number, brand name, and purchase date.

  • Once the registration process is completed, Arctic King-Midea will begin sending you enhanced and more convenient product support, as well as updates regarding your purchased products.

Step 2:

  • Arctic King-Midea recommends that you visit their FAQs page to clear any doubts you may have. The model number can be found in the product category, which is in the dropdown menu, to locate the answers for the product you own.

  • When the answers you are looking for are not found, just pick up your phone and call customer care for further assistance.

Step 3:

  • The customer support center is the all-in-one solution for all queries linked to recent product purchases, replacement parts, product installation, and registration.

  • A couple of options are available to contact them: through chat, email, or over the phone. They also have online facilities to buy parts and accessories, which will be delivered to your doorstep.

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Email Support


For further info, Kindly Get in touch with them via this email.

Phone Number


Mon-Fri: 8am - 7pm, Sat: 9am - 4pm (EST)

Contact Address

300 Kimball Drive, Suite 201,
Parsippany, NJ-07054,

What is covered under the Arctic King - Midea Warranty?

The warranty commences on the date of purchase and covers the appliance if it is installed, operated, and maintained in accordance with the instructions provided with the product. Midea America Corporation (referred to as "Midea" hereafter) will cover the cost of factory-specified replacement parts and repair labor to rectify any defects in materials or workmanship that were present at the time of purchase of this major appliance, or, at its discretion, replace the product. If the product is replaced, the warranty for your appliance will continue for the remaining duration of the original unit's warranty period. Service must be carried out by a service company designated by Midea. This limited warranty is applicable only within the 50 states of the United States or Canada and is valid when the major appliance is used in the country where it was purchased.

  • 1-year limited warranty on parts and labor

What is NOT covered under the Arctic King - Midea Warranty?

The warranty coverage is subject to specific conditions and exclusions. It will not apply if the products are utilized for commercial, non-residential, or multiple-family purposes, or if their use deviates from the published user, operator, or installation instructions. Additionally, the warranty does not extend to service aimed at correcting improper product maintenance or installation, installations that do not adhere to electrical codes, or corrections related to the household electrical system (such as house wiring and fuses). Consumable parts like light bulbs, batteries, and air or water filters are not covered. Any defects or damage resulting from the use of non-genuine Midea parts or accessories, accidents, misuse, abuse, fire, floods, electrical issues, acts of God, or usage with products not approved by Midea are excluded from warranty claims. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover repairs to parts or systems required to address product damage or defects arising from unauthorized service, alteration, or modification of the appliance. Cosmetic damage, including scratches, dents, chips, and other appliance finish issues, are not included unless they result from material and workmanship defects and are reported to Midea within 30 days. Routine maintenance and products purchased "as is" or as refurbished items fall outside the warranty scope. It does not apply to products that have changed ownership from their original owner or to instances of discoloration, rust, or oxidation caused by caustic or corrosive environments, such as high salt concentrations, elevated moisture or humidity levels, or exposure to chemicals.

The warranty also does not cover pick-up or delivery; this product is intended for in-home repair. Travel or transportation expenses for service in remote locations where an authorized Midea servicer is unavailable are not included. Moreover, it does not extend to the removal or reinstallation of inaccessible appliances or built-in fixtures that interfere with servicing, such as trim, decorative panels, flooring, cabinetry, islands, countertops, drywall, and so on. Finally, service or parts are not provided for appliances with original model/serial numbers removed, altered, or not easily identifiable.

About Arctic King - Midea

Arctic King operates as a division under the umbrella of Midea, a company with its North American headquarters situated in Parsippany, New Jersey. In addition to its primary location, Midea boasts a Research and Development Center in Kentucky and an Emerging Technology Center in California. Midea holds a deep appreciation for the significance of the home, recognizing the value of the moments people cherish within its walls. In keeping with the commitment of the Midea brand to its valued U.S. clientele, they strive to offer heartwarming solutions that enhance the enjoyment of these precious moments at home. To achieve this, the company is dedicated to crafting home appliance innovations that not only serve their intended functions but also leave a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of those who use them.

Products of Arctic King - Midea

Air Conditioners Dehumidifiers Window Air Conditioners Portable Air Conditioners Through the Wall Air Conditioners

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