3 Simple Steps for Andersen Windows Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Andersen Windows does not provide you with account creation procedures. You will always require a credible place to store your product and warranty details to not lose it with time. Warranty Valet is the best option for you, We also have experts to claim in place of you.

  • You can directly register all of your products after purchase. Your personal details to be added are first & last name, current email address and phone number along with detailed address including city, state and zip code. Type, series, quantity and installation date are the product details to be provided mandatorily.

Step 2:

  • Since they deal with a variety of products in the windows and doors category. Each has a specified warranty plan. You can easily download the manual to know more accurate details on the “Warranties” page on their website.

  • Any defective product can be claimed by contacting their customer support either through calls or emails having the original purchase receipt and following warranty guidelines.

  • Their team will seriously evaluate your issue and let you know the possibilities and proceeding of the claim further to complete the claim successfully.

Step 3:

  • Andersen Windows maintains impressive support to guide you on all of your concerns and issues irrespective of the degree. They have a dedicated team for each of their product varieties.

  • Additionally, They maintain lots of useful pages for you to get educated about their product and services. It includes FAQs, How-To videos, guides, technical documents, support resources and much more.

  • Please use their contact form for better responses. You can ask about anything related to their product by providing your above-mentioned personal details.

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Phone Number


Mon-Fri: 7 AM - 6 PM (CST)

Contact Address

Andersen Windows, Inc.
100 Fourth Avenue North Bayport,
MN 55003-1096

What is covered under the Andersen Windows Warranty?

Any product that is purchased and installed from Andersen certified installer or Andersen-certified contractor is always warranted by the firm for the defined time frame from the original date of installation to be free from all forms of defects in material and workmanship. If your product fails during this period, Andersen Windows will perform repair according to their specifications at no cost to you. Any other warranty can never be claimed in the procedure. They are also not liable for any form of incidental or consequential damage to the product. You can always exercise consumer rights on the claim and other specific rights that may change from one place to the other. Additionally, Warranties offered by Andersen Windows are transferable and the next owner is also eligible for the claim provided that he/she provides proper proof and details required for the claim.

  • 90-Day Return Policy.

  • Owner-2-Owner Limited Warranty For All Of Their Products.

What is NOT covered under the Andersen Windows Warranty?

There are predefined limitations and exclusions in this limited warranty. In addition, Andersen Windows will also not cover for any product failure, cost or damage due to units improperly assembled or mulled by others; improper use or maintenance; failing to properly seal the exposed wood portions of a product; accidents & normal wear and tear; installation of products not manufactured by Andersen; installation of products by an installer other than an Andersen Certified Installer; failure due to product modifications & application of non-Andersen hardware; chemicals or airborne pollutants, such as salt or acid rain ad outside natural occurrences such as fire, floods, storms, wind, window borne objects. Additionally, Other products and accessories have their own limited warranties and are not covered by this limited warranty.

About Andersen Windows

Andersen Windows & Doors is a prominent company that deals with light commercial market segments, home improvement & new residential industries through their wide product range for providing solutions through diverse distribution channels and businesses, including a broad network of building-supply dealers and The Home Depot. With a legacy of over 120 years, Andersen has become America’s most loved brand of windows and doors. They see possibility everywhere, every day and in everything they do. This attitude in the service has helped them achieve the feat and sustain it for this long time!

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