• 04 Jul, 2023

If you want to apply for a Zmodo brand warranty on your product, you must go through the following steps

3 Simple Steps for Zmodo Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Make sure you have your original purchase receipt as this is often necessary to confirm warranty claims.

  • Register your product on the Zmodo official website or by contacting their customer service. This is an important step in activating and validating your warranty.

Step 2:

  • Know what your warranty covers, how long it covers you, and what restrictions and conditions are included in your warranty documentation. Document any issues or defects that are covered by your warranty by taking photos or videos of them.

  • Contact your Zmodo authorized service provider or Zmodo customer support right away.

Step 3:

  • Work with Zmodo service provider or customer service team to get all the info and paperwork you need. Follow their instructions on how to file a warranty claim and make sure you submit the forms or evidence on time.

  • Keep in mind that the terms and conditions of the warranty can change, so make sure to check out Zmodo warranty documentation for the most up-to-date info on how to claim warranty for your product.

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For further info, Kindly Get in touch with them via this email.

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Mon- Fri: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm CST. Sat - Sun 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST.

Contact Address

1401 Interstate Dr,
Champaign, Illinois- 61822,
United States.

What is covered under the Zmodo Warranty?

A Zmodo brand warranty may cover a variety of material and workmanship defects, depending on the type of product and region. Generally, the warranty covers the repair or replacement of defective parts, subject to applicable terms and conditions. For more specific information regarding coverage and warranty period, please refer to the warranty documentation.

  • The warranty period for a Zmodo product is valid for a period of 1 year from the date the end-user purchased the product.

  • This includes analog products, certified refurbished products for which the warranty period is 90 days.

  • For the majority of locations around the world, customers will be able to avail of the remedies available under Zmodo's Limited Warranty for their Zmodo product through local Zmodo services.

What is NOT covered under the Zmodo Warranty?

Basically, Zmodo brand warranties won't cover damage caused by bad installation, carelessness, abuse, or repairs. They won't cover consumable parts, regular maintenance, or accidental damages. Check out the warranty docs for a full list of exclusions.

About Zmodo

If you're looking for a reliable security camera system or smart home solution, Zmodo is a great choice. They're known for their cutting-edge security camera systems that are easy to use and come with lots of features like remote access and motion detection. Plus, their products often come with cloud storage, so you can keep your home and business safe and secure.

Products of Zmodo

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