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3 Simple Steps for Yale Locks Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • As there is no product registration method practiced by Yale Locks, you will have to contact the technical support team, who are available round the clock, for any problems. In the event your product malfunctions during the warranty period, don't hesitate to reach out to them.

  • Go through the FAQs section before getting in touch with them, where numerous answers to the questions have been provided to clarify any doubts you may have.

Step 2:

  • Yale Locks provides you with the option to return products that fail to fulfill your expectations. It is crucial to note that you must return the products within thirty days from the date you receive them. You can receive a refund following the mentioned return policy.

  • The return time period extends throughout your warranty period for products that are delivered damaged, faulty, or incorrect. Products received beyond a 90-day window from the date of purchase are eligible for replacement only.

  • The refund is provided within three weeks of receiving your return, using the same form of payment as initially used for the purchase.

Step 3:

  • The warranty of both mechanical parts and finish can be reduced from the original warranty period in case it is used for multi-family, commercial, institutional, industrial, or other installations other than single-family dwellings.

  • The limited warranty provides you with particular legal entitlements, and additional rights may be applicable, varying according to the laws of each state.

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What is covered under the Yale Locks Warranty?

Yale warrants the original purchaser of its manufactured locksets that they will be free from material and workmanship defects for as long as the consumer (as defined under United States Code Section 2301(3)) resides in the residential premises where the lockset was initially installed. In the event that any mechanical parts or the finish develop defects after the lockset's initial installation, the Warrantor will undertake the repair or replacement of the locksets, following the terms of the limited warranty. The warranty for the replacement lockset will be restricted to the remaining duration of the original warranty.

  • 1-year lifetime limited warranty on electrical components

  • 1-year and 5-year lifetime limited warranty on the finish and mechanical operations respectively for Yale edge series components

What is NOT covered under the Yale Locks Warranty?

The lifetime limited warranty excludes coverage for defects resulting from modification, alteration, repair, or service of the lockset by anyone other than the warrantor or an authorized designee of the warrantor; physical abuse, misuse, or operation of the lockset contrary to the provided instructions; shipping the product to anyone other than the warrantor for service; improper installation; acts of God; fire; flood; casualty; failure to perform regular maintenance; use for purposes not intended or designated for the locksets or defects caused by contact with paints, solvents, or other chemicals. The warranty also does not cover scratches or abrasions. Additionally, the warranty does not apply to locksets or component parts not originally manufactured by the warrantor, and it shall not extend to subsequent owners.

About Yale Locks

Yale Locks originated in a modest lock shop in the United States, with Linus Yale's inaugural lock innovation marking its inception. Transitioning from a mechanical innovator, Yale Locks has become a pioneer in advancing the realm of connected, smart locks, and home technology. Their brand is built on trust, expertise, and a rich heritage, producing enduring, high-quality products that have enabled their continued presence, reaching numerous countries. Embarking on a new chapter, Yale unveils its fresh brand identity, vision, values, and purpose on a global scale, spanning over 125 countries.

Products of Yale Locks

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