3 Simple Steps for Xerox Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Xerox needs you to complete the product registration. Following the registration, you will be updated on occasional exclusive offers for Xerox products and services, including machine and software upgrades.

  • The serial number, company name, date of purchase, address, city, postal code, name, and email should be filled out in the registration form. The process of finding the serial number is straightforward, as it is explained via video on YouTube.

Step 2:

  • Xerox tries to sort out the problematic products under the warranty period by repairing through telephone support, onsite, or service for free, replacement, or refund. The refund is a deduction of the reasonable allowance for the usage of the products.

  • You will have access to warranty repair service from Xerox or its authorized service representative in the event that telephone support fails.

Step 3:

  • In case any issues arise with your Xerox product during the warranty period, kindly navigate to the support section on the Xerox website and adhere to the provided instructions.

  • This warranty grants you certain legal entitlements, and you may additionally possess varying rights depending on your state, province, or country.

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Phone Number


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Contact Address

201 Merritt 7,
Norwalk, Connecticut-06851,

What is covered under the Xerox Warranty?

The warranty encompasses repairing or replacing hardware failures resulting from regular use or manufacturer defects. It is applicable in both the United States and Canada. Should the warranted product prove irreparable or unable to meet the manufacturer's standards, a comparable or superior replacement unit will be supplied.

  • 1-year standard manufacturer warranty on D35 Scanner, D35wn Scanner, Duplex Portable Scanner

  • 3-year standard manufacturer warranty on FD70 Scanner, W110 Scanner, and W130 Scanner

What is NOT covered under the Xerox Warranty?

The warranty will not apply to damages resulting from abuse, misuse, accidents, modifications, natural disasters, theft, or exposure to inappropriate physical or operational conditions. Additionally, failure to properly maintain or inadequate maintenance will render the warranty void.

About Xerox

Xerox, an American corporation, operates globally, offering print and digital document solutions across over 160 countries. While its headquarters are in Norwalk, Connecticut, it is legally incorporated in New York, with its largest employee base situated near Rochester, New York, the birthplace of the company. As a prominent entity, it consistently ranks among the Fortune 500 companies. Xerox has maintained a longstanding commitment to reducing the presence of hazardous substances in its products.

Products of Xerox

Home Office Printers Office Laser Printers Scanners Laser Printers Wireless Printers Home Office Printers Multifunction Copiers

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