• 28 Jun, 2023

Are you seeking to avail the warranty for Daikin? The article guides you to claim a warranty in three easy steps.

3 Simple Steps for Daikin Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Daikin offers a set of warranty periods that typically range from 5 years to 12 years.

  • However, to avail of the warranty from Daikin, you must complete registration within 60 days of installation.

  • To initiate a warranty claim with Daikin, product registration is mandatory. Basically, it is a three-step process. You will need to provide the product info, customer info, and dealer info to complete the process.

Step 2:

  • Daikin has a separate page for warranty look-ups where you can verify your product’s warranty validation. This will ease your claiming process.

  • After registration, you will need to contact Daikin’s support team to claim your warranty for the damaged products.

  • The experts from their end will reach out to you and assist in further things. They will ask you to bring the defective products to authorized distributors, where they will verify the products before processing the replacement.

  • Also, keep in mind that Daikin won’t pay for any other charges associated with the repairs or replacements.

Step 3:

  • Get in touch with Daikin's customer service through either phone, email, or online form.

  • The customer service team might request additional details related to the issue. So keep the relevant document handy to accelerate the claiming process.

Email Support


For further info, Kindly Get in touch with them via this email.

Phone Number


Place a call to get more support for warranty claim

Contact Address

19001 Kermier Road,
TX - 77484

What is covered under the Daikin Warranty?

Daikin warrants against defects in workmanship and materials that occurred under normal use and maintenance. This warranty is valid for heating and air conditioning units installed in homes that are occupied by their owners. Separate warranties are applicable for units installed in non-owner-occupied residences and commercial properties. The warranty window begins from the "installation date," which varies based on purchase circumstances: For units in newly built homes, it's the owner's purchase date; For units in existing homes, it's the original installation date; If purchase/installation dates can't be confirmed, it's three months after the unit's manufacturing date.

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty - DAIKIN One Touch Smart thermostat.

  • 5-Year Limited Warranty - Daikin One Powered Ventilator.

  • 12-Year Limited Warranty – Air Handlers and Coils, Daikin One+,Daikin One Touch, Daikin One Lite Connected.

What is NOT covered under the Daikin Warranty?

Daikin holds no responsibility for damages or repairs due to faulty installation or application, floods, fires, lightning, improper use, maintenance, operation, & service, inadequate electrical supply, and unauthorized parts or services. The warranty also excludes the damages from equipment failure resulting from frozen or broken water pipes. Also, defects due to the use of unapproved and recycled refrigerants are excluded.

About Daikin

Daikin is a well-established entity in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. Daikin presents an extensive array of HVAC systems catering to residential, commercial, and industrial needs. With a focus on comfort, reliability, and sustainability, Daikin has established itself as a trusted name in climate control worldwide.

Products of Daikin

Daikin One Touch Daikin One Lite Connected Thermostat Daikin Room Air Purifier MCB50YSAU Daikin One Premium Air Cleaner Daikin Room Air Purifier and Humidifier MCKB70YSAU

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