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3 Simple Steps for Withings Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • As of now, no product registration procedure is followed by the Withings. For any solutions or answers, contacting the customer support team is currently the best option available.

  • You do not have to worry about finding the serial number of the product since Withings provides guidance on locating them, with different procedures specified for different products.

Step 2:

  • Withings shall bear no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages, whether foreseeable or not, arising from or related to the use or inability to use the Services, including but not limited to moral, physical, or material damages.

  • This encompasses the loss of materials, profits, savings, turnover, customers, missed opportunities, business potential, costs incurred for replacing services or technologies, data loss experienced by the user, harm to reputation, physical harm, and any legal action taken against the user.

Step 3:

  • Withings has published guidelines which encompass information found within technical specifications, safety instructions, or quick start guides, among other materials.

  • Withings will not be held accountable for any errors, bugs, or anomalies encountered during the use of the Services, nor for any interruptions of access, regardless of the cause or duration.

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Contact Address

225 Franklin Street, Suite 1250,
Boston, MA-02110,

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What is covered under the Withings Warranty?

Withings promises that all products will be devoid of any material or workmanship flaws. Within the warranty duration, the manufacturer will either replace or repair any defective products.

  • 2-year warranty on Body Smart, Body Cardio, and Thermo

  • 5-year warranty on ScanWatch Horizon

What is NOT covered under the Withings Warranty?

Withings cannot warrant the uninterrupted or error-free operation of the Withings Product. Any damage resulting from failure to adhere to instructions regarding the use of the Withings product is not the responsibility of Withings.

About Withings

Withings envisions a world where individuals have clear pathways to improved health and are encouraged to actively pursue them. The company designs beloved technologies aimed at integrating better health seamlessly into everyday routines. Withings Health Solutions, headquartered in Boston and Paris, is specifically tailored for healthcare professionals. This division offers uninterrupted access to standardized patient data via remote monitoring solutions and a range of devices, such as blood pressure monitors, smart scales, an innovative sleep system, a smart temporal thermometer, and hybrid smartwatches. Their comprehensive approach assists both healthcare providers and patients in attaining superior quality care.

Products of Withings

Watches Smart Scales BP Monitors Thermometers Wristbands

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