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Here's a quick guide on how to register and apply for a warranty.

3 Simple Steps for TP-Link Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • To initiate the registration process, start by signing up on their official website. Provide your email address and choose a password for your TP-Link ID. Afterward, click on the 'SIGN UP' button.

  • Upon signing up, you will receive a notification that an activation email has been dispatched to your mailbox. Open the email and click the 'Click to Finish Registration' button to finalize your TP-Link ID registration.

  • Afterward, log into the Product Registration System and select 'Register a Product'. Input the serial number and place of purchase. Once the form is completed, click 'Submit'.

Step 2:

  • Reach out to TP-Link support for assistance: For Home Products, call 866-225-8139, and for Business Products, dial 844-287-4762. TP-Link's support team will guide you through troubleshooting the issues you're facing.

  • If it's determined that a replacement is necessary and the product falls within the warranty period, an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) will be granted. Simply return to the TP-Link Warranty Portal to complete the RMA request form.

  • Customers have the flexibility to choose from various shipping options: Standard, Advanced Basic, Advanced 2-day, and Advanced Next-day shipping. Please note that opting for an advanced shipping option will incur an additional fee.

Step 3:

  • For the Standard RMA process, customers need to send back the defective unit before TP-Link ships the replacement.

  • In the case of Advanced RMA, TP-Link will dispatch the replacement as per the selected shipping method. Moreover, TP-Link will furnish a pre-paid return label, allowing customers to send back the defective unit.

Email Support


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Phone Number


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Contact Address

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What is covered under the TP-Link Warranty?

TP-Link typically covers defects in materials and workmanship, repair or replacement of faulty components or equipment, and professional monitoring services and support for the duration specified. It is important to read the warranty documentation or contact customer support for precise details regarding coverage.

  • 1 year limited warranty on wire-free smart cameras, solar charging panels (for wire-free cameras), wire-free camera batteries, baby monitors, and smart flood lights.

  • 2 years limited warranty for Wi-Fi router, adapters/USB adapters, access points, range extenders, powerline adapters, smart plugs, smart lighting, smart switches, and indoor/outdoor wired cameras.

  • 3 years limited warranty for Energy Star Certified smart light bulbs.

What is NOT covered under the TP-Link Warranty?

The limited warranty does not extend to refurbished products or items that were sold by unauthorized resellers. TP-Link warranty coverage has certain exclusions and limitations to be aware of. Damage caused by improper installation, misuse, natural disasters, power surges, third-party devices, personal property, and optional services are not covered.

About TP-Link

TP-Link is a leading brand in networking solutions, known for its reliable and affordable products. It offers seamless connectivity and robust performance, and is trusted by millions of users worldwide. It continues to deliver innovation and value in the field of networking.

Products of TP-Link

Modems Wireless Routers Range Extenders Routers Switches IP Cameras

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