3 Simple Steps for PITT Cooking America Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Making an online registration of your product will extend your guarantee period to 5 years from the standard 2-year guarantee period. You will need to provide the required information in the registration form.

  • The serial or model number is provided on the guarantee card and beneath each product. The serial or model number is composed of letters and numbers, up to sixteen characters.

Step 2:

  • External influences, including transport damage, impacts, or damage caused by weather conditions or other natural phenomena, are not covered by the warranty policy.

  • Parts subject to wear due to the nature and intensity of use, such as pan support, spreaders, caps, and control knobs, are not covered by the warranty scheme.

Step 3:

  • Your problems will be solved with minimal effort by the customer support team when you provide them with your model, date of purchase, place of purchase, and the issue you are encountering.

  • There are numerous answers to the questions have been provided in the FAQs section for your convenience.

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What is covered under the PITT Cooking America Warranty?

The warranty applies to products bought directly from PITT Cooking or from an officially approved PITT Cooking distributor. PITT Cooking may ask for the warranty and proof of purchase to be included in the warranty request.

  • 5-year warranty

What is NOT covered under the PITT Cooking America Warranty?

The warranty does not cover defects and interruptions arising from various factors, including incorrect positioning or installation, which may result from failure to adhere to the provided installation instructions, handling guidelines, and user manual. It also excludes improper use, such as incorrect operation or overloading. Repairs and adjustments performed by service organizations not trained or authorized by PITT Cooking, as well as the use of non-OEM parts and accessories not approved by PITT Cooking, are excluded from the warranty. Additionally, failure to carry out maintenance and cleaning operations according to the manual is also excluded from warranty coverage.

About PITT Cooking America

PITT Cooking America is dedicated to offering top-notch cooking systems, meticulously crafted by hand in De Meern, Holland. With offices, a factory, and a showroom all situated under one roof, they can deliver outstanding service and products. Their tight-knit team consists of skilled experts in integrated cooking functionality and design, committed to providing systems of the highest quality. PITT Cooking has achieved global acclaim, expanding its presence to 42 countries worldwide.

Products of PITT Cooking America

Burners Control Knobs Wok Rings

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