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3 Simple Steps for NZXT Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • In order to avail warranty service for your product, you must initiate a request through the NZXT Support site to address the issue. If a technician determines that the product is defective or requires testing, you will need to furnish a copy of your proof of purchase to initiate an RMA request.

  • Upon approval, you will receive an RMA number, and you will be instructed to return the defective item to NZXT, with the RMA number clearly marked or labeled on the package.

Step 2:

  • Products that meet the eligibility criteria are entitled to a complete refund or exchange solely with a valid RMA number, provided that the item is returned to the NZXT store inventory within 30 days of purchase.

  • Returns exceeding 30 days from the date of purchase will not be accepted. The NZXT Store retains the authority to refuse any return or exchange request.

Step 3:

  • This warranty entitles you to certain legal privileges. Additionally, you may possess other rights bestowed by local legislation, which could differ in nature.

  • During the initial 60 days following purchase, kindly return your product (or for power supplies installed within their enclosures, only the failed power supply) to your dealer or reseller for a replacement.

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What is covered under the NZXT Warranty?

The warranty solely applies to NZXT products bought by the original consumer. If, within the warranty period, the product experiences a malfunction as determined by NZXT, the company may, at its discretion, either repair or replace the product with an item of equal or greater value, subject to availability.

  • 2-year warranty on computer cases, temperature meters, fans, accessories, and cables

  • 3-year warranty on Kraken M22 and Kraken 120

  • 6-year warranty on Kraken X and Z Series liquid coolers

What is NOT covered under the NZXT Warranty?

The warranty excludes coverage for any NZXT product damaged as a result of accidents, misuse, abuse, improper installation, usage contrary to product specifications and instructions, natural or personal disasters, or unauthorized alterations, repairs, or modifications.

About NZXT

NZXT presents a simplified range of top-tier components, facilitating swift and hassle-free gaming initiation. Their range encompasses hardware, software, and services tailored to accompany you throughout your gaming expedition, guiding you at every stage. NZXT crafts enduring products with timeless designs, universally suitable for any environment or user. These products are meticulously engineered for durability, comprising premium components and undergoing rigorous testing. With a commitment to superior support and comprehensive warranties, NZXT endeavors to instill peace of mind in its customers. Through fostering a culture of mutual respect and embracing diverse perspectives, they continuously elevate themselves and their community.

Products of NZXT

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