3 Simple Steps for Magimix Kitchen Appliances Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Account creation has to be done ahead of product registration. Without an account, registration is impossible. For that, your name, phone number, email, and password should be supplied.

  • If any defects or genuine manufacturing faults are detected within 30 days of purchase, the product should be returned to the retailer. When you forget to send the products within a fixed timeframe, please contact the customer support team.

Step 2:

  • Products damaged in transit, faulty out of the box, or failing to meet the statutory consumer guarantees outlined in the Australian Consumer Law are eligible for returns to facilitate an exchange or repair.

  • Warranties do not extend to any products purchased through Amazon UK. The guarantee remains applicable solely in the country of purchase or in other countries where Magimix offers the same model with identical specifications.

Step 3:

  • Please make your selection thoughtfully, as refunds or exchanges will not be offered if your decision is based on a change of mind or a mistaken choice.

  • Magimix encourages you to visit our FAQ page, where you'll discover a wealth of valuable information that could address your inquiry comprehensively.

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What is covered under the Magimix Kitchen Appliances Warranty?

The warranty encompasses both components and labor for newly purchased machines and takes effect from the purchase date. Under the manufacturer's warranty, expenses incurred in rectifying any identified defects in the product, restoring it to its original specifications, and encompassing labor and replacement of faulty parts are covered.

  • 3-year warranty on parts, electrics, and labor

  • 30-year warranty on motors

What is NOT covered under the Magimix Kitchen Appliances Warranty?

The warranty excludes damages arising from falls or impacts, improper handling contrary to the instructions for use, inadequate aftercare or cleaning, the use of abrasive detergents unsuitable for plastic items, the connection of the product to an electrical power supply with a voltage different from that indicated on the identification plate, external events, and commercial usage.

About Magimix Kitchen Appliances

For years, Magimix has been at the forefront of transforming kitchen appliances with its innovative and top-notch products. Proudly known as the pioneers of the food processor, they remain dedicated to their goal of simplifying cooking for all. Whether you're an expert chef or an avid home cook, Magimix caters to your needs. Their array of culinary solutions is meticulously tailored to fulfill all cooking requirements. Moreover, most of their products are meticulously designed and assembled in their own factory in France, ensuring rigorous quality standards and bolstering the local economy.

Products of Magimix Kitchen Appliances

Food Processors Juicers Blenders Double Oven Mitts Jacquard Tea Towels

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