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Uncertain about the process of filing a warranty claim with Filson? We have simplified it for you!

3 Simple Steps for Filson Warranty Claim:

Step 1:

  • Your queries regarding order tracking, returning, or repairing the products can be rectified by the brainy customer care team. Hence, you can entrust your job to them. Additionally, Filson does not follow registration methods for their apparel.

  • Filson uses your email ID as a platform to update you about the status of the order, and the tracking number is sent to you via email after the shipping of your order.

Step 2:

  • All products are to be returned in their original condition, as received, within thirty days, with proof of purchase attached. If the products deviate from the recommended return instructions, they will not be accepted.

  • The return label and slip that were included with the package can be used to return the products to Filson. Customer support will provide you with a new one in case you do not have them.

  • Reimbursements will be made to the initial payment method or as Filson Credit. If no purchase information is available, a return cannot be processed. The refund processing time falls within the range of 7 to 12 business days.

Step 3:

  • Prior to having your products repaired, you must submit a repair request using the provided form, in addition to making a warranty request. Through the form, instructions and a shipping label will be delivered to you for validation of your products.

  • Repair duration, excluding transit time to and from Filson, can extend to 2-4 weeks. The repair services are categorized based on whether the products are covered or not covered by the warranty, in accordance with the warranty policy.

  • The form contains customer, address, and repair information. In the end, front and back images of the products and areas where you have issues have to be uploaded in file formats.

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Email Support


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Mon-Fri: 7am - 3pm (PT)

Contact Address

Attention Customer Service,
6111 S 228th Street, Kent, WA-98032,

What is covered under the Filson Warranty?

The guarantee encompasses material failure, workmanship and craftsmanship issues, and manufacturer defects, and applies to every item for the entire lifespan of the product.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

What is NOT covered under the Filson Warranty?

Damage caused by animals, exposure to chemicals, mishandling during airline or third-party shipping, excessive wear, alterations by third parties or customers, and usage for purposes other than its intended function are not covered by the guarantee. Similarly, deviations in fit, product abuse, factory seconds, and failure to follow product care instructions are excluded. Additionally, due to the distinctive nature of Filson Restoration Bags and Old Wolf branded items, they cannot be replaced under the guarantee policy.

About Filson

Established back in 1897, Filson stands as the premier provider and producer of steadfast gear tailored for outdoor enthusiasts. Rooted in a legacy of dependability, the brand has earned favor among a diverse range of individuals, including anglers, hunters, engineers, explorers, mariners, miners, and anyone with an aversion to indoor confines. Filson's origins trace back to its role as an outfitter for the intrepid pioneers of the 1897 Yukon Gold Rush. These audacious individuals, forsaking the comforts of civilization, sought their fortunes in the untamed and harsh expanses. In those trying times, clothing and provisions were not mere choices but crucial elements for survival. Fast forward over a century, and Filson remains unwavering in its dedication to outfitting those who fearlessly forge new paths and confront the mysteries of the unknown.

Products of Filson

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